Limerick event on Sat, Feb 15 (for all with a particular focus on children/young people & parents)

Limerick event on Sat, February 15 (for all with a particular focus on children/young people & parents)

Sarah Warde, coordinator of the Limerick ME Self-Help Group has gone to quite a bit of trouble to organise a free event on Saturday, February 15.

It is being held in Dooradoyle Branch Library Crescent Shopping Centre, Dooradoyle Rd, Dooradoyle, Limerick, V94 AP03.
It starts at 2 PM. The library closes at 5 PM, so it will finish by then.

Confirmed speakers based on the last information I was given:
- Declan Carroll, Irish ME Trust
- A disability advocate/similar from a citizens information centre
- somebody from Barnardos, a charity for children
- an art therapist
- a kinesiologist
- an energy healing therapist

Last time I heard, she was waiting to hear back from:
- a sound therapist
- somebody from one of the 3rd level colleges to discuss the supports that are available to students with significant ongoing illnesses and disabilities in colleges

Each will speak for around 15 minutes and then will be available at a desk where people can go up and asked him further questions

Sarah has the particular hope that children, young people and their parents will attend. Hopefully contact details can be exchanged and people can remain in touch with others after the event

There is no need to pre-book but if anyone wants to email Sarah, she can be contacted at:

2) Outline schedule for Dr William Weir to give a series of talks in Ireland in May

We , in the Irish ME/CFS Association have just finalised the outline schedule for Dr William Weir, an expert from the UK, to give a series of talks in Ireland in May.
Admission will be €5 (there will be no pre-booking) and all are welcome.

- Cork: Monday, May 11 (evening)
- Limerick: Wednesday, May 13 (noon-ish)
- Galway: Thursday, May 14 (evening)
- Dublin: Saturday, May 16 (afternoon)

Thanks to our supporters who enable us to put on such talks.

We would have liked to also have had a talk in Sligo where we have held meetings in the last 2 years, but unfortunately when we did our budgets, it would have put our finances in too precarious a position.
Our medical education initiatives planned for 2020 are going to make a big dent on our bottom line.

Hopefully this tour will result in some local and national media coverage. We like to have meetings in May to maximise the opportunities to raise awareness and understanding through the media.

Hopefully we will be able to arrange both talks to the public and medical education initiatives for 2021, but this will depend on how much money we can take in in the next 12 months or so. If anyone is able to fund-raise for us, or has family or friends who might do so, online donation pages for specific events can be set up for us at <> . We can supply material to support fundraising initiatives.

We plan to send out the exact details of venues etc. when they are arranged.


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