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Legume adventures

Continuing to eat black eyed beans while battling seasonal viruses and kidney stones.

I've just done another round of 3 100g doses of black eyed beans and feel better again physically for doing it.

I have had to increase my rishi dose to 4 caps 3 X a day and ive restarted TIME lions mane ultra. As I feel like my immune system needs some help.

I'm still trying to figure out how to increase r bromii so that I have two primary butyrate producers at high levels.

Also I'm still able to eat pomegrenate seeds and get the antihistamine and nutrient benefits.

I'm now also eating fresh veg soups using a soup maker. Which further increase my organic nutrient intake. Meaning I'm getting about 6 or 7 vitamins and minerals at RDA or above every day.

Long story short I feel physically stronger on the legumes and my ability to bounce back from bad PEM or physics exertion is way way higher. Being able to do the chores makes a massive difference.

I had a microbiome crash about 10 days ago after trying larazotide and chanca piedra. This has happened loads of times before. I'm just waiting on my latest 16s which should show a worsened set of metrics and scores.

Ken's microbiome prescription website now has a handy anti inflammatory score which is very useful. I've noticed major improvements if I hit 90% or above. Currently I'm at about 70% I think. But I spent most of the summer around 30 or 40% and felt terrible.

So I'll see what my results are in a few weeks.


It might have been but it was my Dr who got me to take it 😂 I've no idea what it kills. I'm almost back to myself now. But my brainfog is still very bad since I drank the kefir. I have no idea how to resolve it.
sorry: whats the theory here?

I"m now eating black beans most days.

I believe beans are good, but need to be thoroughly soaked and cooked, and sometimes thats an issue (some brands of canned beans).
That's very interesting and may I ask how often you get a microbiome test? Do you also get a test for butyrate levels? Can you see the effects of your prebiotic diet, as in an increase in F prausnitzii?

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