Keeping legs warm

For years I've thought in terms of warm shirts and jackets. But I noticed lately I feel better if there is a blanket over my legs. Thermal underwear don't agree with me, so today I tried wearing pajama bottoms under my pants. The extra bit of insulation is making a big different in the way I feel, probably because I'm loosing less heat through my legs.

I should add that I'm 70 years old. Which means I'm into the "blanket on legs" age range. I don't know if this will be of general help to people with ME.


Before trying the pajama bottoms I tried wrapping one edge of a small wool blanket around my waste. Sort of like a blanket skirt. It worked better in some ways because it was easy to remove and put on. The problem would be, though, that even if I added a fastener I know it would not stay up, unless I used suspenders.

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