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Amazing how one's appreciation shifts when disabled. I now look at a breakfast delivered from McDonalds as a special treat. Although part of what makes it a special occasion is all the fees I pay to get it delivered almost double the price. But what the heck. I don't do it often.

And as for home-cocked breakfasts, I don't cook anymore. All I do is microwave. So here is what I consider my "deluxe" home breakfast now. From the market I buy eggs that are already boiled and pealed. I get completely cooked beacon. And some multi-grain English muffins. All of this is delivered. I cut two eggs in half (to keep them from exploding), to strips of beacon, one English muffin with nothing on it, and put it in the microwave.

So what makes these any kind of special breakfasts. I guess the fact that it's the best I can do, and that I'm grateful to be able to do this.


No cheese, although having it would make sense. When my caregiver would do this in advance there was eggs, bacon, and cheese inside the English muffin. And when heated the cheese would melt in a nice way. But when I make it it's too hard to get the muffin open. So it's all side by side. And I leave the cheese out as a way cut back, knowing that I sometimes eat a slice as a snack.
I'm so glad you enjoyed your special occasion breakfast from McDonald's. It's a great idea. I hope you do it as often as your heart desires. I like your deluxe home breakfast. You're more ambitious than I am, lol. I drink nutritional drinks, hardly any work at all. But I like to fry an egg every day.
So glad you got a special breakfast delivered!! what a treat. And thanks for posting about your regular breakfast. I'm impressed that you've found a way to get a decent breakfast given energy constraints.

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