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I doubt your DL photo is as bad as mine. I'm extremely unphotogenic, but look fine in person.

How are you posing for pictures? My husband and friends smile effortlessly for pics, but I always look like I'm passing a kidney stone. I'll sometimes have my eyes shut in addition to the seeming grimaces. My smiles only work when I'm being spontaneous.
For some reason, photos always make me look sick too. My skin has a chalky appearance and I look like it is difficult just breathing. :(
Photos can be helpful. I convinced my new doctor that I do have Reynaud's because I took some pics of my hands during several episodes. My other doctor yelled at me and said I was "self-diagnosing" when I mentioned that I thought I might have it (minus any pictures) so that's actually a good idea you have. :D
I think the main thing with my driver licence photo is I'm not wearing glasses. In other words, it's easy to see my eyes. From now on I'm going to take my glasses off when the doctor sees me.
Yes. My husband is always annoyed when he tries to take my picture, especially outside. First he wants me to take off my glasses (which are Transitions lenses, so turn dark in sunlight... I wear them for a reason). So, of course I end up squinting because the light hurts my eyes. "Open your eyes!" he grouches at me. Argh!

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