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Health Notes 2001

gp = groin pain

1.1.01 Persistent mildish headache which went after paracetamol p.m. Had c4 g & ts last night.

Right side pain gone, although perhaps just perceptible at times. Think this is first pain-free day since it started around 5th Dec. It had been quite sharp sometimes, deterring me from breathing in deeply.

Discharge now intermittent & considerably reduced.

Itching also less frequent, although still bad when occurs.

Wearing looser briefs for past few days; maybe that is helping to reduce itching.

Itching sometimes stops without ointment.

Have been avoiding coffee, reducing potato intake, stopped using yeast-based paté, using more oregano & marjoram & garlic, as recommended in Candida info from internet.. Also having some coconut &/or palm oil every day.

Have replaced vinegar in salad dressing with lemon juice. (& left out soy sauce)

Still having sugar in tea, yeast extract in curry, bread (usually toasted (forgot to close bracket), ketchup with vegeburger, pickle in toasted tofu sandwich. Am I winning? I hope so - the discharge & itching were making me quite miserable & the right-side pain was making me worried I might need gall bladder op. I don’t trust doctors & hospitals!

Weather mild & showery following several v. cold days.

During past few days I have had ‘defecation dashes’ at all times of day.

Reduced Phytosoya input during past few days due to shortage - only on one capsule (added for clarification: per day) instead of 2.

More dietary soya though.

8.1.01 Had been a bit stressed today as builders had returned, but as they were relatively well-behaved it wasn’t too bad.

Urine output had been high for 3 days or more, needing more than prescribed amount of Desmopressin.

IBS-type gp most evenings for past 5-7 days (moderate).

Quite a lot of trouble with eyes (have recommenced OU studies). Excessive lacrimation causing swimming/blurring, focusing difficulty, & today some eye-muscle pain. Switched to weaker glasses & found it a bit easier, as could work at slightly increased distance.

9.1.01 Flatulent g.p. all day. Having ¼ dose Nytol & a swig of K & M each day (former at night & latter in morning) due to building work.

Had vodka & orange (2-4 measures of vodka, last ones with organic orange juice). Passing lot of wind; also defecated 2ce in evening.

Tongue sore (herpes?)

11.1.01 Keep getting slightly numb hands. Today it was while washing up after peeling brussels sprouts. Stops soon after activity ceases. Also happens when writing. Managed with no ointment today, although did a certain amount of scratching & crust-picking as usual!

Still have intermittent, moderate discharge. Not flatulent except slightly in evening.

13.1.01 Urine output high last night & early morning despite ½ Desmotab.

After one visit to loo (newly installed in bathroom) I got my now-occasional out-of-breath syndrome when lie down - having to breathe deeply & fairly rapidly for few mins on lying down. This was a regular occurrence (2 or 3 years ago?) when also felt heart pounding. Don’t think I had latter this time.

This has stopped by late 2002.

15.1.01 Legs aching much less than usual. IBS gp almost non-existent, so able to study till late evening. Quite physically active.

18.1.01 Woke up to find that I was sleeping on back & must have been for some time as C was sleeping on my feet! I avoid falling asleep on back now due to tendency to inhale saliva, so must have turned onto back in sleep.

Getting v. frequent pain in upper central back area these days. It is quite persistent once it starts. Relieved by leaning on a cushion.

3.2.01 Some months ago there was a small, hard, pimple-shaped eruption at junction between ?(right) thigh* & pubic region. (*currently have one on left side)

Ears not as itchy as they have been lately.

Am living upstairs as downstairs rooms are gutted for damp course.

7.2.01 Serious stress since 5th, including bouts of tears, having found that house wall has not been adequately stabilised by work done & will probably still have to come down, & front wall also looks bad. Afraid I might lose home & all the investment that it represents.

Having blank spells, forgetting what I’m doing. Drinking more than usual & sleeping badly. Having 2 or 3 hot flushes a day (these had become rare until last few days)

Have been taking just one Phytosoya capsule a day for months.

16.2.01 Severe IBS-type gp. Could hardly walk at one point (c 1900).

Had not had early evening meal - indeed could not. Took 2 Co-proxamol (v. rarely take anything). Pain was mostly at front - just above mons veneris, & of a ‘stabbing’ nature. Also some less-sharp pain to rear at times.

17.2.01 Gp all day but not severe. Also have rather sore throat, so maybe pain is due to infection.

18.2.01 Still have dull gp at midday.

Have also had transient ‘randiness’ & for past few days - don’t have this as often as used to.

19.2.01 Dull g.p.

20.2.01 Gp gone. Quite bad gp in evening.

21.2.01 Bad g.p. in evening. Eyes are bloodshot.

22.2.01 Nausea am (difficulty eating breakfast). Eyes bloodshot. Little or no alcohol since 18th. Sleeping badly (itching & thinking).

3.3.01 (recorded as 3.2.01) Not much gp for past few days. V. little yeast-smelling in nether regions nowadays; the area seems to have become colonised instead by whatever is causing the multiple-blistered painless rash which I suspect is due to herpes. Area gets v. wet.

Watery eyes causing a lot of difficulty with studies. Focus is very limited, needing 3 different pairs of glasses for different distances, whilst far distance is still better without.

Extreme ‘randies’ accompanied by involuntary contractions during afternoon today & yesterday, requiring DIY relief.

4th March (don’t know why recorded this way) Had to urinate c every 20 mins from 2200-0200 despite Desmotabs, having had a v. good day (not needing any, I think). Took 1½ tabs during this bad period & still needed Nytol to get to sleep. Receptors not working?

5.3.01 Have had sore tongue for 3 days. Herpes?

6.3.01 Legs aching badly pm after shopping trip. Feel a bit fluey. Face flushed briefly in evening.

7.3.01 Woosy for much of day, sweating & face feeling hot (not hot flush)

Chest aching. Mild headache in late evening.

Haven’t had much woosiness lately until yesterday. Coinciding with a return to yeasty smell in crotch (moderate).

8.3.01 Some woosiness again in early part of day. Legs aching badly pm.

Have had a lot of the ‘gritty’, prickling itching for past few days, poss. since weather became warmer.

Particularly noticeable on head, & when I scratch there is a rain of small particles, some pale (dandruff? Flea eggs?) & some dark (house dust mite faeces?). Wonder if it’s anything to do with my sometimes-strong personal static electricity attracting particles to my skin.*

*Another thought - am stirring up dust while packing - this is prob. the source, as cleaning (e.g. using dustpan & brush) also gives me prickly ‘gritty’ itching.

Bleary eyed quite a lot today & yesterday.

Don’t know whether some of symptoms are due to stress of having to move out. Felt a bit manic a.m. when looking at flat in F L.

10.3.01 Nausea a.m. Temporary move to F L.

15.3.01 Not getting usual prolonged fluid-in-airways problem in mornings.

Do have serious wetness ½ way up behind, which sticks to pads. Skin there still covered in eruptions & small bumps, which bleed when scratched but not painful.

Also getting a lot of sleepy attacks which make study difficult or impossible. Sometimes just v. bleary-eyed. Not sure whether due to fairly fresh paint on walls.

Hungrier than usual. Sleeping OK. Period came on yesterday.

Muscle spasms in nose today (don’t recall having them there before).

Back-of-knee ache appearing without prior exertion (or only very minimal, i.e. walking v. short distance in flat after getting up from chair).

20.3.01 Felt hung-over on waking although had had no alcohol (for 2 days, I think). Headache, catarrh, bleary, nauseous later.

Still having the strange involuntary movements in nose yesterday.

c 5.4.01 V told me re pendulum method of testing for food intolerance. Found ‘negative’ reaction for carrots & burger mix, v. positive for cabbage, OK for bread, scheese, sausage mix. Decided to phase out carrots & burger mix as I run out.

11.4.01 Lot of hot flushes for past 2 wks or so, including at night, having had v. few for 6 months or more. Taking ½ dose Phytosoya (1 capsule a day). Flaky rash on behind v. bad much of time, & often wake up with underwear v. damp from the sweat-like secretions there & in groin. Not much IBS until past week or so. Am using IBS gp as an indicator of intolerance, as it tends to develop soon after some meals, usually from early evening onward.

12.4.01 Started feeling ill c 1600, with nausea, tremor, bronchocongestion (excessive bronchosecretion) dizziness & hallucinations, diarrhoea & hiccups. Had had 2 strong coffees at Ss (unusually missed out apostrophe), & used free sample of highly perfumed deodorant.

Felt hot and cold at same time on occasions when ill today. Sample was ‘DOVE’

Fluid output has been high for last few days - even having to go every hour after ½ or 1 Desmotab. Coinciding with flush increase?

13.4.01 Urinary & vaginal discomfort am & early pm. Hot, blocked feeling in nose & around eyes pm. Glands under chin seem more swollen than usual. Otherwise well enough to function until gp in evening. (& headache)

14.4.01 Started taking 2 Phytosoya a day again.

V. bad polyuria late pm & early am 15.4. Desmotabs had v. little effect.

15.4.01 Urinary-/vaginal discomfort for c ½ hr, can’t remember what time but am - early pm.

17.4.01 Sore tongue on & off for c 3 days. Throat a bit sore too. Whole upper front part of throat seems swollen. Not particularly tender on outside. V. bleary lunchtime.

28.4.01 Still getting frequent & powerful hot flushes, usually following physical activity. Flaking rash still present for much of each day in crotch & behind region. At times skin becomes smooth & wholesome-feeling but always deteriorates again.

Still getting bad polyuria at times. Have started eating mushrooms again - still trying to identify food sensitivities. (without much success, as a food apparently causing problems one day doesn’t on another & v.v.)

Bad polyuria often (always?) coincides with relatively bad back-of-knee ache.

Urinary discomfort mid-pm.

Front-of-thigh ache & twitching leg in bed are not occurring at present, maybe because of not going up & down steps & stairs &/or carrying buckets of rainwater (still at P V).

17.5.01 Slime a.m. (first significant for months). Have given up giving up potatoes & toasting all bread, & had a lot of mushrooms a month or so ago.

19.5.01 Getting problems with blurred vision due to excessive lacrimation again, poss. coinciding with recommencement of yeast overgrowth. Found a few weeks ago that the wart on right breast had gone.

30.5.01 Hot flushes gone or barely perceptible since a week or 2 ago. Coincident with reappearance of candida? Latter not too bad - slime not persistent.

Quite bad twinges just above left knee at front of thigh today & yesterday. Went shopping yesterday so poss. due to overexertion. Think I had a sharp pain in similar area of right thigh too. When left thigh twinged I could feel muscles twitching there as well.

2.6.01 Have had v. loose & yellowish motions for days (squitty!) although have had v. little alcohol. Sneezing quite frequently. Pollen count is high (tree, I think) so maybe I have slight hay-fever.

Started taking Echinacea tablets to see if they alleviate skin problems (crotch & backside) - that’s what they meant to be for (missed out ‘are’ or ‘’re’.).

Have a few flea bites + unexplained itchy spots (just a few) on upper abdomen - candida? Yeast smell on pads only slight at moment.

3.6.01 IBS gp from mid-afternoon - can’t think why unless there was a bit of carrot in pickle in sandwich.

Then in evening neck started making grinding sounds on turning. Maybe Echinacea has intensified already overactive immune system. Decided to stop taking it again.

Knee-backs aching nearly all the time. Wonder if due to excessive exertion due to being rushed by V on trips into town (& sometimes on trips made by bus). Have also had to overexert self watering plants at M P (having to get water from containers which have to lift), sometimes in hot sunshine.

4.6.01 Twinges in right elbow pm (frequent). Upper right arm ache, which feels like muscle pain (elbow one feels like joint pain).

Have had v. sharp short-duration pains in (feet) occasionally during past few days - definitely in right foot, not sure if any in left one.

6.6.01 Slight urinary discomfort pm. Have been scratching nether regions excessively, causing bleeding. Getting hot flushes again but suspect bug rather than menopause.

7.6.01 Headache & worse-than-usual diarrhoea (explosive, as has often been lately). No alcohol last night. Still getting quite intense hot & cold spells. Have had waves of slight depression, anxiety & irritability during past few days.

8.6.01 Felt ill today - headache, diarrhoea & nausea. Only had 3 (largish) g & ts last night - not normally enough to cause bad hangover, so put it down to bug. Struggled through day’s OU work with difficulty. V. polyuric.

9.6.01 Slight nausea & headache am, diarrhoea. No alcohol last night. Bleary-eyed, with ‘floaters’. V. hungry. Still more polyuric than usual.

15.6.01 Felt v. odd for a couple of hours or so in afternoon following shopping trip (not too tiring) & coffee at V’s. Back of tongue sore, as was throat, & swallowing was a bit difficult. Felt dizzy even when seated & vertiginous when standing. V. hard to think. Had felt v. disconnected when out, having difficulty focusing esp. on anything or anyone moving or when moved own eyes or head.

V’s son J was in bed with an apparent bug, reporting high temperature & sore throat, I think (+ headache & disorientation?).

Have noticed that as well as knee-back pain coinciding with polyuria, it and/or other symptoms (flushes, IBS gp, diarrhoea?) are occasionally preceded by short-lived urinary discomfort. Am beginning to wonder if latter is sometimes due to allergic-type inflammation rather than infection. Food intolerance?

22.6.01 (large, untidy writing) V. sharp pains in right hand pm after shopping trip. Not sure when pain started. Hard to hold cup or glass, because painful. Trapped nerve? Did some plant watering at M P, hurrying as usual when get lift there. (poss cause of pain)

Similar pains in right foot, slightly less often & less painful.

(normal writing) Late pm Felt pain being transmitted to elbow (in split second, so presume along nerve). Pain from hand to elbow was v. mild, whereas in hand it was bad.

Remember now that I knocked my hand painfully today & turned foot over slightly in a hole in M P garden.

23.6.01 Hand still painful when used in certain ways.

24.6.01 Hand pain stopped c ½ way through day.

Have had almost IBS-free evenings for few days, including this evening.

25.6.01 IBS gp came on c 1445. Hadn’t eaten anything different from usual (unless there was a bit of carrot in pickle) Had to abandon studies.

IBS persisted all afternoon. (Had hennaed hair lunchtime - surely this couldn’t have caused it?) IBS gp accompanied by aching knee-backs & moderate polyuria (which isn’t normally omnipresent).

3.7.01 Still getting intense flushes several times a day, with sweating particularly bad on face, neck & chest.

Weather hot. Started taking 500 mg a day Solgar L-glutamine as recommended for vegan ME sufferers by a doctor who’d had ME. IBS gp has been rather unpredictable since last entry, coming on at various times in afternoon but today not till after early evening salad & chips (as was the case before recent spell of earlier-onset gp).

Bad night - intractable polyuria (Desmopressin did not seem to make much or any difference - had 1½ to 2 tabs overnight, i.e. 400 mcg).

Kneebacks aching all night; also had unfamiliar mild pains in back, esp. lower parts. Mild chest pain too.

Had over-exerted self earlier in day (watering & collecting plants & trees from M P).

Thunderstorms all night.

4.7.01 Knee-backs still aching a lot.

Diarrhoea a.m. despite no alcohol last night (several bouts). Slight tremor & dizziness shortly before midday snack. Polyuria again @ midday.

5.7.01 (large, untidy text rather like 22.6.01) Felt effect of small amount of gin & tonic strongly as yesterday, but as yesterday was able to fight it or else it just diminished anyway within ½ hr or an hr I think. Legs not aching as badly.

Felt dizzy in early evening

In morning I had sensation of tightness or mild pain around pyloric sphincter as yesterday.

6.7.01 Still getting a lot of hot flushes. Also getting the slight dizziness - tight feeling in head, when meal or snack due/overdue, which have noticed since starting L-glutamine. Sleeping badly - waking in early hours despite Nytol & lying awake for 2-3 hours.

Rather tense lately - have been fiddling with hair, but this started before taking l-glutamine. No other changes noticed since started taking it - oh, except for tight-headedness/dizziness on having 1st or 2nd g & t of evening. (Not that I drink every evening or always have more than 1 or 2)

12.7.01 Sleeping badly for few weeks, in that I take 1-3 hours to get to sleep (sometimes due to intractable polyuria) and/or wake early & lie awake for 3-4 hours before falling asleep again. Doesn’t seem to matter if I drink or take Nytol. (Get polyuria in early hours sometimes.)

Upper arms & front of thighs (or one of each) hurting quite often. Physically tense. Slightly depressed occasionally. Maybe this is due to insufficient sleep.

13.7.01 Slept properly last night! No Nytol or herbal sedatives. 2 g & ts in early evening due to IBS gp which developed in afternoon.

Differences from usual diet yesterday: No potatoes (usually have chips in early evening). Beans & vege-sausage for breakfast instead of tofu

16.7.01 Sleeping reasonably well now but plagued by IBS gp from early to mid afternoon. Not eating anything that usually brings it on, but am still having beans & vege-sausage for breakfast - maybe this is priming my gut & making it more sensitive.

Nails growing even faster than usual, & glands under chin have been more enlarged than usual on many days. Think that fringe is growing faster than usual too.

17.7.01 Mushrooms, garlic & tomato on toast with vege sausage (no beans). Still had IBS gp from mid-afternoon. Had had soup made from Bisto veg. gravy mix, then garlic bread.

Have several itchy bites - suspect fleas as

1) Cats appear to have them

2) The itchiness is cyclic. Do flea bites contain parasites or other pathogens which could explain this? Some bites have been itching c every 12-24 hrs but not in between, as I have come to associate with flea bites.

Have tenderness/mild pain in upper-mid abdomen.

Noticed that area around elbows is v. tender - think that this is usually the case. (inside - towards body)

Have had sore throat on & off for days & sometimes sore tongue. Also have a spot near corner of mouth (not actually on mouth) but it’s not sore or itchy so doesn’t seem like a cold sore.

Fairly short-lived IBS gp in mid-afternoon & none after early evening meal or later in evening.

Maybe it’s recurrent infections that sensitise me to food.

21.7.01 IBS gp a.m. (about 1½ hrs after breakfast). Had had tofu for breakfast. Have been using Tomor (which is palm oil, coconut oil & soya oil) instead of sunflower marge.

25.7.01 Felt hungover a.m. although hadn’t had drink for 3 days. Headache, tenderness in stomach region, v. tired eyes, slight nausea. Difficulty keeping eyes open midday. Great difficulty studying. ‘Disconnected’.

Yesterday had generalised aching in teeth, & some ‘pulling’ type spasms on right side of face. Could ‘Bell’s Palsy’ have been caused by a virus which now becomes reactivated?

Headache persisted throughout day & didn’t respond much to Paracetamol. Better in evening (headache gone).

26.7.01 Felt OK again. Shocked to find that scales showed my weight to be at least 10½ stone - a stone heavier than in March.

28.7.01 Decided to stop taking Phytosoya. Have tried reducing calorie intake but get so hungry I can’t think to study. Reminiscent of early days on contraceptive pill.

2.8.01 Urinary discomfort (also yesterday, I think). Due to stopping Phytosoya, or eating sweetcorn, or infection caught from fledgling sparrow or finch that I’m hand-feeding, or too much scratching again? Woke up in orgasmic state.

6.8.01 Extreme exertion removing cat flap from door at M P - face & neck wet with sweat. No clear adverse effects later.

3 g & ts in evening.

7.8.01 Headache, jaw-ache & general debility a.m. Bit better later. 2 g & ts in early evening.

8.8.01 Feeling lousy - as if hung-over. Suspect it’s due to over-exertion on 6th.

Severe polyuria today & yesterday, despite large amount of Desmopressin.

9.8.01 Still feeling ill. Diarrhoea, headache, pain in lower back (ache - not sharp) & pain in upper abdomen at times (on right). Appetite normal.

Could I have caught something from fledgling bird (sparrow, I think) which I’ve been caring for since 31st July? Also possibility of self-infection via scratching nether regions - but that doesn’t usually last 3 days (except perhaps for urinary discomfort).

Started taking Zotrim to try to lose weight. Disappointed to find that it did not reduce my appetite or make me feel full.

IBS gp after early evening meal - does that mean that the infection’s gone? Haven’t felt like drinking for a couple of days - most unlike me! Had some tonight though. (just one)

Still more polyuric than usual.

Have had itchy rash on right upper arm for few days (just a small area - about 1" diameter, of raised pimple-like red spots).

10.8.01 Headache & polyuria again. Headache worst in morning; polyuria very bad tonight (took 1½ Desmotabs, I think, but bladder still kept filling up).

11.8.01 Headache a.m. - perhaps not quite as bad as before. It came on at about 0700. Slight tremor & racing pulse after breakfast. Difficulty eating breakfast - feeling full. Due to Zotrim or illness? Had 2 g & ts last night.

Headache v intrusive soon after breakfast. Paracetamol not effective. Bit nauseous midday.

Great difficulty studying. Gave up 1500 & went back to bed. Headache coming & going. 2 Desmotabs by 1600, but still polyuric. Feeling chilled.

Have had slight discharge for a few days.

Aching in upper middle region of back following neck-ache 1815.

Belching rather a lot over the past few days (v. rich throaty ones!)

Managed to study a bit in evening - headache milder. Knee-backs aching a lot. Loss of balance at times.

Polyuria gone after late evening meal.

Polyuria & headache returned after I went to bed. Why must I get damned polyuria when I’m trying to sleep? Took 1½ more Desmotabs, ½ at a time. Maybe reason for them not working at times of extreme polyuria is body destroying the drug. Alternative theory - receptors denatured. (How quickly can they be replaced?). No alcohol - don’t fancy it.

12.8.01 Woke with headache & back-of-neck ache (,) nasal congestion & diarrhoea again. Needed ½ dose of Nytol to sleep (usually ¼ is enough). No Zotrim - it doesn’t seem to work. I think I’m probably just not producing enough thyroid hormone, hence weight gain.

Coughing rather frantically in afternoon due to sensation of dust in airways. Slightly wheezy at times.

Polyuria from c1700 after reasonably good day in that respect. Headache coming & going.

13.8.01 Following inability to see properly when out (e.g. going to post box) I found that I could with my bifocal ‘television’ glasses. Eyes must have deteriorated rapidly in last year or even last few months. Could this be partial reason for persistent headaches? Headaches today milder than they have been for past week, & less frequent. Slight overexertion when at M P & in a shop. Hope don’t get ill again. Feeling better since last night but not quite back to ‘normal with ME/CFS’.

15.8.01 2 g & ts last night; OK today. Almost back to ‘normal with ME’. Headaches almost imperceptible. Fairly sharp pains in upper abdomen last night for short time, NOT soon after a meal. Ulcer?


Pain in upper middle abdomen c 15 mins after early evening meal (salad & boiled potatoes with margarine & Waistline salad dressing).

20.8.01 Still getting pain in upper abdomen at times. Mild headache in evening. Worse polyuria than usual tonight.

21.8.01 Rather headachey & polyuric again. Feels like mild version of whatever I had from 7th-15th. Appetite (too?) good.

24.8.01 Bad polyuria last night - must have had to get up more than 10 times despite 300 micrograms Desmopressin (1½ tabs), 2 herbal sedative tablets & ¼ dose Nytol. Had been headachey during day & quite hangovery a.m. (had several g & ts on 22nd).

Headachey today a.m. - not too bad but needed Paracetamol to study. Back of neck aching too (as often is when have headache).

IBS gp after strawberry soya yogurt in afternoon. Had to stop studying for 15-30 mins but able to continue intermittently after that. Ability seemed to depend on stage of progression of offending material through gut (solid or gaseous - don’t know). When gut felt tight/inflated, brain fogged up. This is the normal process of events, I think.

25.8.01 No IBS after strawberry soya yoghourt.

6 & 7.9.01 Woke up deaf in left ear (due to wax, I think). Unable to clear it with tissue; managed to remove a little with syringe. Cleared later of own accord. Had drunk several g & ts the previous nights.

8.9.01 Ear only slightly blocked a.m. Soon cleared of own accord. Headache & sinusy toothache last night. No alcohol yesterday.

10.9.01 Noticed that IBS in evening was accompanied by backache. Could this be evidence of nervous association between gut & CNS? I often wonder if the backache I tend to have in morning is directly connected with the gut pain I get then which is associated with passing copious wind & eventual urgent need to defecate.

11.9.01 IBS + backache after early evening meal again. Pain then moved to back of neck, followed by dull pain just to right of centre of chest. (Yesterday I think that I had a brief stabbing pain on left side of chest - near vein that goes up to neck or shoulder?

15-16.9.01 Tried taking just one Lifeplan Chamomile Blend sedative when sleepless in early hours, & it worked. (Usually take 2 as instructed on container).

Maybe I’m as susceptible to herbs now as to artificial substances.

20.9.01 Noticed yesterday that I sneeze when sun comes out, even if sitting indoors & not looking at it or looking up. Wonder whether this is due to ionisation of dust particles so they are attracted to lining of nose. Maybe ditto eyes & throat, so could perhaps explain the fluid-in-airways problems I get every morning & watering eyes.

Found that weight gain is a rare side-effect of Desmopressin, & should always be discussed with doctor.

22.9.01 Sleeping longer than usual. (Do I always get this in autumn?) Backache most of day without IBS. Affecting concentration. Paracetamol did not have noticeable effect. Not sure whether due to tension (due to imminent important exams which will determine degree grade), or bad posture while studying, or ME-related CNS factors. Pain centralised & running down from between shoulders to c middle of back. Not sharp, just nagging.

25.9.01 Have had morning nausea a few times recently, twice almost leading to vomiting (averted by eating or drinking something in a hurry). This morning I had headache, nausea & backache from neck to around centre of shoulder blades. Paracetamol seemed to reduce headache but not other pains. Only about 2 g & ts last night, but have also been having a whole single-skin neat h-g joint each evening for past week or 2. Have had v. mild urinary discomfort at times + randiness. Legs v. stiff & achey as consequence of d.i.y. 2 days ago.

Have been feeling v. hungry for past few days.

Neck making ‘arthritic’ noises when head turned.

Feel generally grotty. Almost gave up studying to go & lie down. Belching all day.

Noticed for a few days before today that skin around fingernails was sore & peeling, which I interpret as sign of being under the weather. Back teeth aching. Keep feeling sleepy.

Still had pain in upper mid-back in early evening as well as back of head towards neck.

Appetite poor by mid-evening. No supper (usually a proper meal) but managed piece of toast @ 2200 (after developing hiccups in bed).

Another bout of hiccups during night. Difficulty sleeping due to neck-ache.

NB R P has recently had a flu-type bug which laid her up.

26.9.01 Still felt grotty on waking - neckache & headache & slight nausea. Alleviated latter with sips of water.

Better after breakfast - head- & neck-ache had become mild, but legs rather wobbly & aching. 5 defecations (runny/gassy) by 1000, but that’s not unknown!

Neck & back ache is relieved by pressure. Felt better later.

27.9.01 Intractable polyuria from early morning, & worse-than-usual lower back pain (which I get most mornings before getting up.) Not sure whether pain is due to kidneys, bowels, muscles or spine.

NB T (cat) had the ‘spits’ briefly around the time I became ill (she rarely does) & C was sneezing a lot shortly before. Had some biscuits & chocolate today.

28.0.01 Woke with cystitis. One of cats had done a ‘mega-wee’ in tray during night. Legs v. weak & achey again. Had been OK since yesterday afternoon. Also have discharge. Urine very yellow. Actually the yellow may be from discharge rather than urine. (Had v. slight occasional discharge for a few days.)

Took 2 cranberry juice tablets at breakfast (have been taking one a day for last few months) & tsp of bicarb an hour from 1115-1315. Drinking water frequently (filtered & boiled, as usual).

Neck glands have been v. enlarged for at least 2 days - not just the distinct roundish lumps on each side but also between them.

Orgasm-type involuntary vaginal contractions during afternoon. (This is like what I had in younger days when had infections in that region.)

29.9.01 No cystitis! Noticed last night that knee-backs were v. swollen.

Felt OK today but became generally tired from early evening. Post-viral fatigue? More relaxed than usual - no desperate urge to gain relaxed/analgesic status through alcohol, dope &/or tablets. Just had 2-3 gin & tonics at relaxed pace, + ½ Nytol to hopefully ensure good night’s sleep.

Wish I could feel relaxed more often. Have IBS but it’s bearable, although I don’t feel capable of doing much except sitting well back in chair (upper back pain) or going to bed. Legs weak & achey. Early night. Feel hot (all evening). Think it’s largely internal.

30.9.01 OK but still tired. Legs aching badly.

Urinary discomfort in afternoon.

1.10.01 Feeling better - much less achey, but had urinary discomfort & leg-ache after shopping trip (due to exertion, presumably).

Neck glands down noticeably.

Ravenous appetite which I had when ill has fallen back to normal.

4.10.01 Tried test suggested in Action for ME - marching (v. feebly!) on spot with eyes closed for 30 seconds. After 1st test I had turned slightly to left, & after 2nd test I was astonished to find that I had turned 90°! (to left again). Article suggests that this results from a problem in vestibular apparatus & may be related to ear wax, at least in some cases. I have had blocked left ear several times in past month or so, but have had balance problems for years. A theory of my own is based on underfunctioning of the Golgi tendon organ or something similar (see SK220 Bk 2 pp. 121-6)

9.10.01 Bad night largely due to intractible polyuria. Also anxious due to exams & Middle East terrorism.

Had had shopping trip in afternoon (not especially strenuous).

Head & neckache on waking; general hangovery feeling although had only had 3 g & ts yesterday (not unusual amount).

Also have generalised toothache extending into jaws, & feel a bit queasy. Belching a lot (have noticed this on other recent days too).

Neck glands up again.

10.12. (should be ‘10.’) 01 Felt OK. Neck glands down again. Had slept v. well last night.

11.12. (should be ‘10.’) 01 Another bad night last night for the usual complex of reasons: polyuria (I think, but not sure), itching, muscle pain & anxiety (S330 exam today). Mind not working v. well. Not as tired after exam as expected (was v. bad last year). Exam v. hard.

12.10.01 Some head, neck, tooth & jaw pain. Think my ‘bad days’ may be due to physical &/or mental over-exertion. Also think that this has been much more marked this year than in previous years. At least I haven’t noticed this connection before, although being aware of the possibility that this might occur.

(Still in temporary accommodation)

15.10.01 Urinary discomfort, intractible pain in left upper arm (despite paracetamol) & occasionally-overwhelming sleepiness in afternoon.

(Trying to do final revision - with difficulty). Also have niggling upper-mid-back pain.

Wonder if arm pain could be linked to problem with saline drip in 1996 rather than muscle pain.

Knee-backs aching all day despite little exertion.

‘Arthritic’ neck grinding on turning head.

16.10.01 Fair night’s sleep after taking ½ dose Nytol, but awake from c 0530.

Felt reasonably well, but fuzzy-headed at first.

Neck-ache started during S365 exam & that & other apparently linked symptoms (generalised tooth & jaw ache) appeared & worsened.

Managed to fight it reasonably well. V. little actual headache but hard to think clearly.

Paracetamol had little or no impact.

A bit polyuric despite 2 Desmotabs.

23.10.01 Generally sleeping better & feeling better than when studying, but still getting days of neck-, jaw & headache & blocked nose on waking, (latter prob. every other day).

Busy catching up on SES things (charity)

31.10.01 Still getting days with headache, neckache & jaw & teethache (e.g. today). Neck also ‘grinding’ when turned. Appetite not as great as usual.

For past 2 days I’ve felt slight lump in throat including when swallowing. Neck glands more swollen than usual (ditto under chin). Have had a few coughing fits lately (felt like fine gritty particle/s near top of windpipe).

Seems to occur when cooking (with Butane). Maybe because food remains burning (due to earlier spills).

Have also considered possibility that these ‘sinusy’ aching spells are connected with excessive scratching of skin eruptions. Perhaps they contain viral particles which then infect my system.

1.11.01 Felt bad for 1st ½ of day & didn’t have a v. restful night.

1 g & t & ½ glass red wine last night.

2.11.01 Felt fine apart from v. mild neckache, having had good, refreshing night’s sleep. 3 or 4 g & ts & an hg joint last night.

Had not been able to resist picking rash. So what is the cause of these ill spells? An externally derived infection? Over-exertion? No apparent dietary correlation.

Considerable exertion today assembling computer workstation, but mostly arms rather than legs (poss. significant? Connection with back-of-knee swellings?). Also disconnected computer in box room, carried it into lounge & reconnected it, bagged up & relocated things from lounge.

4 g & ts at lunch time & similar + 2 joints in evening.

Scratched rash about same amount as usual.

3.11.01 Felt fine despite yesterday’s slight excesses.

8.11.01 Weight now nearly 11 stone.

12.11.01 Neck/chin/throat glands have been quite swollen for past few days but no obvious infection. However I have had IBS gp for much of most of those days (mostly mid-afternoon-mid-evening).

14.11.01 Woke with jaw, head- & neckache (hadn’t had this noticeably recently). No alcohol last night. Had had a few g & ts, sometimes + a little red wine, most evenings (if not all) for past fortnight. The only other difference I can think of is that I had no mixed salad in early evening (which I now make with omega-3-rich flax seed oil).

Had some flax-seed oil at breakfast. Only mild neck-ache later in morning.

27.11.01 Following first alcohol-free evening for c 2 weeks I felt hungover! Maybe I should give up not drinking. Bleary-eyed all day.

2.12.01 Intractible polyuria last night. Had it for a while this morning but it went after ½ Desmopressin & a piece of toast & cup of tea (suspect that it was the snack which cured it, as have noticed before that it occurs when I am hungry).

Felt rather down yesterday evening - suspect physiological cause. Thought I might be coming down with flu-like illness that’s going round (as usual fairly closely following Leonid meteor showers).

Glands in neck have been well up for several days, & area under chin is evenly swollen & fairly solid. Feeling of lump near base of throat. No pain.

6.12.01 Still have ‘lump-like’ feeling near base of throat, at least some or much of the time. Mood light.

8.12.01 Not much IBS gp for past week or so - maybe it’s the usual thing of immune system having something else to attack - i.e. an externally derived infection.

No gp after early evening meal (have had a little most evenings) - but had had peas & sweetcorn instead of salad. Unusually thirsty after meal - drinking lots of water. No urge for g & t (gp usually gives me that)

11.12.01 Feeling of ‘lump’ in throat seems worse. Quite bad after early evening meal. Getting a bit scary. Back of neck, & sometimes top of back, aching. Really quite unpleasant, as if being strangled, like by a snake.

12.12.01 Some nasty periods during night when I was struggling to expel fluid from windpipe - difficult due to the swelling/lump. Neck aching too.

Thyroid hormone results ‘normal’.

Diarrhoea worse than usual, ditto knee-back pain. Shopping trip yesterday (not esp. strenuous).

Have had urinary discomfort on & off for few days. Seems there’s a throat bug going round, so maybe that’s the reason for my ‘strangulation’ sensation. Rather relieved at this.

Diarrhoea was a bit worse than usual this morning. V. tired although slept reasonably well.

Blood test results from 5th Dec: all ‘normal’. Included TF4 (recorded in ‘My test results’ as T4), TSH, FSH, LH, haemoglobin, sugar

TF4 was 15.3 & TSH 1.04. Dr Fitzgerald ‘could’ not offer any suggestions as to reasons for throat swellings or weight gain, apart from menopause re latter (said that I am post-menopausal). Suggested ‘trying to lose weight’ & ‘exercise’, which I pointed out I could not do as diet already modest & healthy & exercise impossible. ‘Tough’, basically.

13.12.01 Feeling much better, thank goodness. Throat feels quite normal again. No alcohol last night - didn’t feel need. IBS gp mid-late evening (have often felt that IBS gp tends to occur when I don’t have an externally derived infection but more rarely when I do have one, presumably because immune system is distracted by externally-derived infections from attacking me.)

NB until yesterday evening I hadn’t had any dope for a couple of weeks (maybe 3).

Had worried that it might exacerbate throat problem when got some (& used it) on 12th, but actually got better! Coincidence?

14.12.01 Sore throat a.m. Have had discharge lately - not copious but suspect yeast infection as pads have started smelling yeasty again.

16.12.01 Knee-backs aching badly a.m. Still getting a lot of hot flushes.

c 18.12.01 Seem to get IBS gp after eating (several) Brazil nuts. Hungrier than usual lately (poss. since started smoking dp again)

30.12.01 Have had a lot of knee-back ache & IBS gp for past few days (not always together)


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