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Health Notes 221003 - 261203

This is the only diary I can find for this year.


Attack of urinary frequency early pm, shortly after rather windy & difficult small defecation. Had a bit of trouble holding on while at vets' surgery.


IBS-type lower abdominal discomfort all morning. Wonder if this is because I am wearing trousers due to cold weather. Previously I was wearing v. loose ones.

Think I've caught V's cold (saw her on 20th). Legs like lead pm & eyes also tired. Maybe virus is also cause of polyuria, which I have again.

Build-up of catarrh in back of throat pm on exposure to nauseating laundry 'perfume' permeating rear extension from next door.

Could smell it outside earlier. After smelling it in extension I found that it had even permeated lounge. Got tearful about it, half angry & half despairing.

Have also had slight headaches in past few days, & tongue tip is sore at times. Also aching in area of shoulderblades at times during past few days, plus the feeling in upper jaw & back of throat which occurs when crying, but not associated with crying in this case.


10 stone unclothed! (late am)


Realised that hg does not cause transient sore throat as experienced c 1 hr after smoking hash.


Drinking too much this week - have got through > a bottle of gin in 5 days. Not sure why. IBS has been bad this week although not so bad yesterday, & G&T relieves it. Have also had lower lip spasms this week, which are rare these days. Poss. reasons for IBS - having mushrooms for breakfast which haven't much lately due to lack of money; having fresh chillies in curry, eating carrots & Brussels sprouts, drinking too much, upset over L Road rearing its ugly head again, infection? Candida? Thumb has been quite bad, splitting & bleeding.


IBS only transient today. Drank less gin yesterday.


Only short-lived IBS now, often or usually relieved by farts!

Today I developed stiff neck with pain at back. Slight headache, relieved by paracetamol.

Have been v. stressed due to inability to access e-mails. Slight discharge (yellowish)


Next door people (J & boyfriend) are in residence again, creating an overpowering, suffocating smell with laundry products. It's strongest in utility room which is presumably adjacent to where their washing machine is. Although I now keep door to utility room closed for this reason, it still permeates my living room. Usual symptoms of phlegm in back of throat, tight throat & back of neck (slight pain in latter). Whole chin-throat area feels swollen, accompanied by watering eyes (which is common anyway), grinding neck (which I don't think I had before started inhaling the perfume chemicals).

Got tearful again, but this was after 'crying-type' feelings in throat, neck & jaw started, and I am beginning to think that this is through a direct effect on neurotransmission. Getting depression-type feelings, e.g. helplessness, loss of motivation, feeling of being rooted to spot, despairing. Had previously assumed that this is psychological effect but now doubtful. What the hell can I do? Who could help? It's outrageous that anyone should have no right not to be poisoned.

Found that throat & underneath chin was a deathlike, greyish white. Glands very swollen.

Smell seemed to be coming partly through NW corner of living room. Covered the corner with a curtain. Better. Wish I could have a test for these horrible reactions so that I could wave proof at offenders (including manufacturers).

Upper back pain also appearing on & off. Symptoms still present an hour or so later. A late-appearing one is belching. The neck & back pain is the 'vice-like' pain & discomfort which was so prevalent at F L. NB at times today I had difficulty distinguishing the perfume smell from a mouldy smell on one of the curtains I was assessing for blocking off corner of room, & that corner was the damp, mouldy corner before renovation. A still-later symptom is urinary discomfort - have had this v. mildly at times during past few days.


Woke with slight headache (eye region), back of neck still stiff, tight, grinding & aching a bit, plus v. swollen glands under chin again/still.


I was disabled in a dream last night - not sure if this was the first time. A neighbour seemed to think that I should cut some long tufts of grass but I only had hand-shears (which I did actually use some years ago) & I think legs were aching, so I couldn't.


Urinary discomfort a.m. Have had more discharge than usual over past few days, plus occasional pains in groin which I have felt are in reproductive organ(s).

Unusual lack of leg pain today. Went for fairly strenuous walk, jump & clamber on railway cutting & up bank, through small wood & back (looking at new estate & poss. route of bloody road).

(Slept well last night but previous night bad - getting up every ½-1 hour from c1530 (meant to be 0330?), due to need to urinate, tension & inability to stop thinking about campaigns. Lavender seemed to eventually get me back to sleep (drops on handkerchief).)

Although legs good today my right hand got tired from writing (had to rest a few times) & left upper-arm was tense in evening.

Weird problem - I have great difficulty controlling TV with remote control after c 2030. Sometimes I can't do it at all. Gave up this evening after both arms got tired & achey. Don't know whether problem is electrical/electronic (due to interference or own electrical properties) or due to ineptitude due to stonedness. *Well, would you believe it? No prob. next day!


Polyuria on going to bed. Also not sleepy enough despite 2 h.g. joints & had to inhale lavender as well as taking Desmotab (which I only need occasionally nowadays).


Did iodine patch test last night - put thin layer of iodine on inside of thigh (c 5 cm across). In morning it was almost invisible. This is claimed by an internet file to indicate iodine deficiency.

Also had head and back-of-neck ache, which have had a few times lately (there may be a headache 'bug' going round as others have had headaches for 1-2 weeks). Chin-neck area very swollen when got up, better after breakfast. Am currently taking 38.25 mg iodine a day.


Woke with slight nausea. Had had small amount of old hash with hg last night. Maybe it contains dodgy impurities (hence low price?)


Have felt rather grotty for a few days, with frequent mild head- and back-of-neck ache, stuffy nose with superficial bleeding, achey/unsteady legs &, briefly, sore tongue tip. There is a v. nasty virus going round which has laid some people up for a week. My problems may be due to over-exertion though. Neck grinding & throat feels as though it has a lump in it. Eyes watering a lot. Feel run-down. Seems as though sun has hardly shone for 2 months or so (although reports say otherwise but these have been for other places in C).


Legs v. weak & achey a.m.


Felt better a.m. apart from leg weakness, but dry weather brought No. 4's stinking washing out & the smell permeated lounge significantly for hours. Usual adverse reactions → feeling lousy both physically & mentally. Trying to fight off tears & depression* which I think are entirely due to physiological causes. Have had to stop using downstairs loo as the extension is completely polluted from washing.

* Lost the battle in early afternoon & started crying. I'm not sure whether any of the fumes are coming from next door.


Legs aching badly. Had exerted self considerably yesterday emptying compost tumbler. Slept badly, apparently largely/mainly due to tension, aching & discomfort (restlessness?) in knee-backs.


Have had a lot of IBS gp in past 2-3 weeks. Bad enough today to affect concentration quite severely.

Slime in evening (v. rare these days). Bloating in abdomen & breast region, clothes digging into flesh & causing mild but discomfiting backache.

Had run out of oregano for about a week - could this be reason for apparent candida overgrowth? Have a supply again now & using it in breakfast & evening meal every day. Ah - just thought of another likely cause - I had a bottle of beer on Xmas Eve & the cloudiness suggested that it was real ale.


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