Documents from PACE Trial

from 'saved' files (after computer crash):

CFS Study Appendix Feb2011.PDF
Manual for 'specialist' care (words fail me).pdf
pacing GET and CBT study Feb2011.PDF


Thanks, good to have it on record. I've just glanced through the SMC manual.
This struck me as interesting from the information to patients enrolling explaining the therapies they might take part in.

''CBT is about examining how your thoughts, behaviour and CFS/ME
symptoms relate to one another. With this treatment you would regularly see a
CBT therapist, who would help you better understand your illness and change
the way you cope with it. In CBT you would see a therapist, and in between
sessions you would try out new ways of coping with your CFS/ME. The aim of
this therapy is to help you find out which ways of coping work best for you. ''

So no mention of 'false illness beliefs' - so not properly informed consent. So unethical.

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