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Health Notes 2.10.04-29.12.04

Health Notes 2.10.04-29.12.04


Bad night last night - polyuria both on trying to get to sleep first time & trying to get back to sleep c 0430. Took a Desmotab each time. Successful first time, less so second time. Must have got up at least 10 times. Had had relatively restrained evening - no smoking (just dp in food) & not much alcohol.

'Clamped' feeling in back of neck & head when got up. Have finished OU studies & trying to unwind - not sure how succesfully. Eczema on left hand is bad - it's in 3 places now - thumb, centre of palm & area between the 2. Sore & prone to bleeding. Awkward places to treat with leaves or petals. Nose more congested than usual, & glands under chin are v. swollen. Felt grotty all day, with mild headache & aching in teeth.

Too tired to have any gin or supper. (Just had dp in dinner & ½ lager). Bad polyuria again during night but managed without Desmotabs as fell asleep after each 'visit' without difficulty.


'Clamped' feeling again, plus nose still congested. Gradually felt better as day progressed, but still rather polyuric.


Developed pain mainly in upper left part of abdomen late am, after sitting at computer for c 2 hrs. Also milder pain/tightness in chest near left armpit, & milder still in right chest & abdomen. Worse on breathing in, & on bending forward. Pretty bad in left abdomen. Slight tightness in upper mid-spine too. Pain in abdomen almost gone after having Scheese salad & tea, but increased in chest. Abdominal pain soon returned. Starting to feel 'washed' out, maybe due to pain.

Still feel a bit hungry 1420 despite having eaten.

Wonder whether the pain is muscle pain due to exertion yesterday (bending forwards & downwards scraping earth into plant pots).


No pain overnight, but mild-to-moderate aching on both sides of upper abdomen. Faeces looked healthy, not dark. No obvious swelling when looked last night. Feel "normal with M.E." (no fever, nausea, diarrhoea, headache or any other unusual symptoms). Yesterday evening I had a momentary feeling like something detaching from something else on right side of upper abdomen. Not painful or unpleasant & so brief that I can't be sure what I felt.

Pain is still greater when I breathe deeply. Feels as though there is a heavy object on each side of abdomen, rather like the heavy feeling in bladder when I have had severe cystitis. Proctalgia in evening while cooking - thought that I needed to defecate but didn't. Not severe.


Some abdominal pain but quite easy to ignore. Did some more soil-scraping yesterday. 2nd poo slightly (but not very) pale.


Still some mild-to-moderate upper abdominal pain at times. Slight discomfort (like reflux) in oesophageal region in early evening.

Hope it's not a nasty rat-related infection - cats have brought in several half-grown rats lately (all dead except one, which I kept overnight & released). Trying to wash hands fairly well after touching anything that has been contaminated, but obviously I don't know where they have been outside.

Eczema on left hand has been bad at times. Palm bleeding near centre today.


V. little abdominal pain now - just occasional tightness in oesophagul (should be 'oesophageal') region, suggesting slight reflux. Seem to have halitosis rather a lot lately. 'Clamped' head & neck today but not too bad. Have drunk v. little alcohol for past 2 days. Shopping yesterday (Co-op) & quite a lot of exposure to artificial perfumes.


Strong laundry-perfume-type smell apparently coming from my downstairs loo again. This happens every couple of weeks or so, & may be behind smell that I used to think was coming through gaps in extension roof. Usual reaction: instant over-production of phlegm in back of mouth/top of throat.


Really strong laundry-type smell in extension today, permeating lounge & also wafting up the stairs. Used extractor fan. After had keep (kept?) loo lid down for a while, extension was pong-free. Water-level is v. low & there is 'hollow' sound like wind going through pipes. Weather wet.


Smell only detectable when sniff loo now. Can cope with it. Hair has been getting greasy more quickly than usual (as in my younger days - childhood to 30s at least). Eczema on left hand bad at moment - splits on palm 5 mm or more long & 1 mm or so wide, bleeding at times. Thumb intermittently bad. Palm has scaly patch >15 mm wide & 35 mm long.


Clitoris tender again. Feels hard (causes discomfort when am in certain positions, as when I've had trouble before).


Weight 8st 9 or 10 lbs in T-shirt & briefs a.m. Still on low-starch diet.


Knee-backs aching badly a.m. Almost had to climb stairs on hands & knees - may have had to if had to do it again soon after. Don't get this bad v. often now. No other symptoms are worse than usual. Legs still aching in evening. Slight urinary discomfort.


Upper abdominal pain again as on 18th October onwards, but not as bad. Started late a.m. Feels as though something heavy is in there. May have been consuming too much fat - the grotty organic sausage mix I am using requires lots for frying. V. mild headache too - just above eyes. Feel a bit washed out again. Slight ache in upper mid-back.


Abdominal pain gone. Transient, mild pain around eyes am.


Upper left arm became painful today - must have pulled or twisted a muscle. Quite incapacitating.


Arm much less painful - can use it fairly normally again (as I had expected). Weight 8 ¾ st with 2 T-shirts, jumper, longjohns & socks a.m.


Getting IBS gp & flatulence quite often - at least once a day, I think - after mid-afternoon snack (beansprouts, roast spud or cooked apple with Soya Dream) and/or evening curry. Lasts an hour or 2 usually. Mild to moderate severity.


9 st in full winter indoor clothing a.m. Have been hungry at times during past few days. Recent dietary changes: no beansprouts; have been having apples, both raw & cooked. Have also had to reduce intake of Cranberry & DHA supplements as running out.


Legs bad today (aching knee-backs). Went to Co-op yesterday.


Clitoris sore today & yesterday, feeling hard. A bit constipated too (slow evacuation, & maybe incomplete).


Painful upper left arm again - may have pulled a muscle. Significantly incapacitating again.


Arm pain bearable now. May be RSI from using computer mouse. Will try using right hand for a while - will be interesting to see if eczema also improves.


Weight 9st pre-poo in full winter clothing. Bowel movement slow again as on 30.11.


After a few days with less muscle tension than usual I had tension & inexplicable anxiety despite evening dp & booze. Only difference I can think of is that I am having red lentil dhal again, which I had temporarily run out of. Weight is still c 9st am with full winter clothing. Was 8¾ st a few days ago without clothes. Bowel movements have been slow & sometimes difficult/incomplete for several days.


Eyes watering a lot during past 2 days. Interfering with computer use & reading.


Mood has been v. 'flat' lately. Got OU result today - distinction (unexpectedly good), completing my MSc. I should have been ecstatic, but only had a brief buzz.

Tried to celebrate this evening but couldn't get excited or enthusiastic. Most annoying

Have had mild upper-mid-back ache quite a lot over past week. Eyes still watering a lot, & have urinary frequency (not sure re volume but think it's quite high).


Horrendously strong perfume smell in extension. Think it's coming from loo again. There was a sucking sound when I flushed it (with bucket of rainwater as usual). It's just rained after a long dry (but overcast) spell). (unnecessary bracket) Smell gone 1400.


Still getting mild back pain - in centre, sometimes at top & sometimes about ½-way down.

Neck glands have been quite swollen for a week or 2. This morning there was a tender area of top of head on left side.

Tender area in left armpit.

Had fair amount of starchy food today as celebrating getting my MSc.


Polyuria & slight hangover symptoms (did drink a lot last night) when woke c 0350. Took Co-codamol & Desmotab but was still awake for c 2hrs.

Slight discharge (once containing small amount of blood?) & slight urinary discomfort pm. Finishing off nibbles (rice puffs flavoured with chilli & sugar, Bombay mix, tortilla chips, peanuts). Felt more relaxed in evening than usual after hg in meal. Didn't feel need for alcohol or more dp, which is unusual. Still have upper-middle-back ache a lot of the time. Neck glands moderately swollen pm.


Still have upper-middle-back pain a lot of the time. Not severe but nagging and distracting. Haven't been particularly over-indulgent - almost no alcohol & less dp than usual on 19th & 20th, & back to almost-normal diet although had some white bread today. Still finishing some curry from 18th (which I had frozen) - it's made from a bought sauce containing peppers, whereas I usually make own sauce from mostly organic ingredients. Brief urinary discomfort in afternoon. Also a few dullish twinges in groin, not like usual IBS ones. Took an extra Cranberry tablet.

Knee-backs aching a lot, poss due to personal DIY yesterday morning & on feet too much yesterday. Perceived temperature flucuations are frequent and strong at present, including sweating & steaming up of glasses.

Also having spells of quite marked tiredness, which I don't recall having for some time. They last maybe ½ - 1 hr & sometimes have several per day.


Still getting twinges in groin (bladder or reproductive organ(s), I think) and transient urinary discomfort. Took extra cranberry tab again


Still have discharge (yellow).

9st 2-3 fully clothed a.m., & 8st 12 in 2 T-shirts, jumper & longjohns & socks. Gain of 2-3 lbs. Prob. due to consumption of some starchy foods & chocolates (latter a present).

Recurring pain in palm of right hand in evening, which I thought must be a strain injury, but shortly afterwards I started getting similar pain in right instep. Pain dull & occurring every few seconds, more often in hand than foot. Also twinges on left side of back of neck. Limb pains are cramp-like, & pain in foot is followed by a reverberative fade of a muscle contraction, by the feel of it.


Suspect that hand problem is due to computer mouse use. Still have bad eczema on left thumb & palm, but switched to that hand for mouse use again today.


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