health insurance changes putting life at risk

It sucks but my health insurance (MBF) is changing so it wont be really suitable for me anymore... its stupid. They've capped the ambulance useage to once per year.. Ive used that 6 times at least in past year...

POTS collapse when another rang.. I had to be stretchered out of a place .. I would of crawled out to get home but the authorities there wouldnt allow that and sitting me up had me nearly instantly passing out again... to be taken home as the POTS had it real real bad and wasnt settling, drug overdose when I tried suicide and was unconscious and they came and took me to the ICU, 4 other occassions when police or others rang them this year. There has only been once when I myself rang...

so Im in a panic about what will happen once this comes in in a few months. What about other people with severe health issues who end up using the ambulance a lot?? who either have a severe health issue or multiple ones. They are all in the same boat.. its not right that our health insurance has been changed to only allow ambulance once per year.

Ive also been told to ring ambulance if Im in a mental health crisis as there is no mental health services in my area... sighs.. guess this means I will be even less likely to do that when needed and wont ring or tell anyone if I get into the situation where Im about to suicide.

I dont know who to complain to about the health insurance changes being brought in.


I forgot to add.. they also have capped the LIFETIME dental allowance it covers too to a $2000 lifetime limit. One who isnt old and wants to stay on health insurance... I guess wont take to many decades or years to get to that esp when a crown is $500. Ive noticed Im getting some tooth crumbling, not decay but crumbling (scratch base of one of my teeth and parts of gritty tooth come off).
MBF sounds crap Tania! Can you look into changing health insurances? It you change directly from one to another they should waive the waiting periods. I'm sorry I cant offer any advice as to what other health insurance funds may be good, I get health insurance only for defence partners/family members.

I'm not familiar with S.A's policies/charges for ambulance. Come live in Qld? you can have an ambo ride for free! Just kidding.

What about separate ambulance cover? I dont know how expensive that is though. Doesn't help with your dental issues.

Sorry its been causing troubles for you
MBF used to be SGIC health insurance.... SGIC did a merger.

Yeah I will change insurance plans if I end up using the ambulance the once on their changed plan and they do waive waiting period if Im going from one to another (thou I dont know if I can get a plan like I had.. as it wasnt full health insurance but top extras.. extras without hospital as my disability pension covers the rest) .
.. hopefully I can go a year without them being called.

Nods separate ambulance cover is something i could do on top throu it would add up as I still need the health insurance to cover my physio in which I go quite often at times.

I not long back found out about a chronic illness plan which doctors here can put one on (dont know if its all Aussie states or not)... but that gives free dental.

Unfortunately my doctor only told me about it after I paid out hundreds of dollars for dental treatment (cap) which was a major thing which wasnt covered by my health insurance which only covered the basic dental things eg minor fillings. (Dentist said doctor should of told me about it and the doctor said the dentist should of done.. we are all falling throu the gaps cause no one tells people)
Ah Yes, I got told about the chronic illness plan which covers a fair amount of dental ($4000 over 2 years?), I think it was marked in the recent budget to be removed for cost saving measures. Dont know when though, see if you can get in on it!
My dentist assistant told me abou the chronic illness plan the other day after a dental checkup (first in 18months) and I'm looking at possibly thousands of dollars of work needing done (pre-existing dental injuries from childhood).

We are falling through gaps and no one tells us! e.g. I'm not on a primary healthcare plan, but probably could be and should be.
Tania, in Victoria it only costs $75 per annum for a single Ambulance Victoria membership. This makes all ambulance rides free. I would assume you have a similar thing in South Australia?

I was thinking of cancelling my top Private Health Insurance when the premiums increased on April 1st, but then had a bad Easter with crippling back pain so decided to keep it a bit longer. I would hate to have to depend on the public health system for chronic health issues, but even top private health insurance doesn't cover everything.

It covered the bulk of my $17,600+ back surgery in 2008, but I was still out of pocket for a couple of thousand $ (after claiming from the Govt. Medicare AND my Private Health Insurer).

Most top surgeons & specialists charge more than the 'recommended fee' (for those of you in other parts of the world who are not familiar with the Aust. Health system). So if you choose one of these specialists/surgeons you are going to have to pay some sort of 'out of pocket' charges.

I have 'Super Extras' cover as well as private hospital cover. It covers part of a new pair of glasses, dental up to a certain point as well as physio, podiatry, acupuncture, chiropractor, myotherapy, naturapathy etc up to a certain limit each year.

I would assume you have a similar type of thing in your state.

Private Health insurance costs me money I can't really afford now I'm not working, but it DOES give me peace of mind with chronic ill health. I haven't hardly used it at all in the last 12 months.

We'll see how long I can afford to keep it up.

It would certainly be worth checking out the Govt Medicare Safety Net (which means you are reimbursed by Medicare more fully once you reach a certain level of annual health expenses).

I'm not familar with the long term chronic illness plan.

I wonder if it's something to do with the Govt Medicare Safety Net.
Hi Tania, I'm have HCF cover! for ambulance the book says 100% cover for emergency ambulance (state government services) "what ever that means" fro road, air or snow ambulance to nearest hospital that can provide you with the care you need. It then goes on to say you'll be covered for non-emergency ambulance by state governments services, up to $5000 per person per calendar year. this is not available in western Aust, Tasmania and Qld. you can call them on 13 13 34 you might find more information at
On the dental care! I have just had some work done but still need a root canal and have to make a decision soon for this questionable reason. My doctor filled out a fed gov care plan putting my dentist name to it. This gave me a bit over I think $4200 for dental work over a two year period. But here is the big question mark! This dental care plan was put in place by Tony Abbot and we know what Labour thinks about anything he has done! Now come the 1st of July the Greens take over the senate that will decide on any changes with current plan. My now local member (Labour) says that there dental plan is better than the current Howard plan but they cannot tell me what and whether I will lose current remaining plan and that I will have to contact the greens Bob Brown on what they are going to do with it! have not heard back from him but one thing for sure hidden cut backs will happen. hope this helps all the best Scotty.
scotty.. sighs.. I so hope we dont loose our dental plans. Thanks for the info on your health insurance, if I end up needing more ambulance cover I will look into HCF extra cover.

Victoria.. Nods it is about $75 to take out an ambulance subscription. Its just everything realy adds up so I hope I dont have to add that to my already high costs.
Actually my health insurance makes nothing at all out of me as I use it so much (I max my chiro and physio visits out per year on it). I save hundreds of dollars due to it.

"I'm not familar with the long term chronic illness plan.

I wonder if it's something to do with the Govt Medicare Safety Net. "

You should look into that plan then next time you need dental treatment for free treatment. It is something completely different provided then the Govt Medicare Safety Net.
I never max out the Govt Medicare Safety Net as most of my medications I need are supplements so arent included at all on it.

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