Day 62 - Dose 2

I am trying a little experiment now symptoms have calmed down. 1400mg beta glucans and 440mg reishi. As soon as I increased hte glucans my fatigue receeded and my energy came back (this in itself is pretty amazing!!) The dizziness from the last few days has gone and my energy output is much improved.

However the sore throat started to re-appear about 2pm accompanied by neck stiffness and throat swelling. This might be a good reaction but it's absolutely impossible to tell the difference between good and bad, so Ia m going to dial back on the glucans so that my immune system can catch up and increase the reishi so the immune system can go after the infected cells. Basically slowing down the rate at which viral clearance occurs.

So I'm now going to try 3 reishi capsules. The idea is that I am taking beta glucans, they are stimulating my immune system, which coaxes out the ebv making me sick, then the reishi signals the immune system to kill the infection and it does this. My theory is if I don't take enoguh reishi, I get sick and I just get sicker and sicker.

Pre covid jab I was fine with this protocol, so in theory I should be able to get back to where I was.

Josh thinks I may have an entereoviral infection because he's only seen stiff neck in those patients. But without tests at IMD berlin this is very hard to diagnose.

There's a theory that if I did have an entereoviral infection this protocol + equilibrant might be a method of killing everything and therefore immobolising all viruses to return the body to normal.


Yeah i forgot beside monolaurin, i think beta glucan is the key . As you mentioned it stimulates the immune System . Oat has like 3.5g beta glucan per 100g. So i take 5g daily + the monlaurin + reishi.
I think we are on a good way sir :)
If I can get these dosages correct without causing ebv flares then I am definitely on to something. This is about 4 weeks of experimentation here to get to where I am now. The puzzle is forming even if it's not exactly backed up by science.

I bought some solar ray monolaurin - I had an allergic reaction to it! Has that ever happened to you? This was when my histamine spiked from the anti biotics though so who knows for sure, but it 100% made it worse, which Lauricidin didn't do. Suspect it's a refining issue.

But the glucan definitely over stimulated my ebv today, I just took the high dose reishi with the low dose glucans and it's definitely much calmer now and my neck is no longer stiff.
So what doses do you take? 5g oat bran = 500mg beta glucan? Reishi 2.5g? and Monolaurin 3000mg? 3x a day? @DrUniverse

Have you ever had any entereoviral infection tests for coxsackie b4 or anything else like that?
I only used the original Lauricidin and got no problems.
I take 5g pure Beta glucan in total. From 100g oat and 3 beta glucan caps.
Really you think it over stimulates? The more i take i get better and calm as it shredds the ebv.
And i take 9g monolaurin and once, i find it superior to 3× 3g, must be something with the blood plasma concentration.
Yes 3g Reishi.

No unluckily no test for that. Just Ebv, CMV and normal Herpes. Only ebv was positive.
I'm not sure why it's stopped working for me. Or it is working and the oral concentration of ebv is very high so when I try to get rid of it it flares do badly that it feels like I'm having ebv all over again.

Hopefully less glucans and acv combined will get me somewhere over the next few weeks.
PS I noticed the same thing with a single high dose of andrographis and lauricidin. It seems to have a bigger impact. If there's been a long washout period of one to two months

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