Day 49 - Dose 4

So the good news - 200mg egcg appears to block PEM again 100%, haven't had any today and if I don't have any tomorrow then that's a pretty good run I'd say. Very minor exertion over the weekend but it would have normally been enough to set off PEM.

The bad news - I have a throat infection, which is starting to get quite sore and I can feel something like a lump in my throat, near my vocal chords. So ringing the doctor to sort this out tomorrow. Probably a round of anti biotics to kill it!

I think if I had lauricidin fresh (it deteriorates in its little plastic tub and isn't quite as potent as when it comes out of the box from the factory) and took 8 scoops a day (website says max safe dose is 12 per day) I would probably be able to kill this infection. As it is I am just not clearing enough of it for it to die off.


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