Day 2 - End of Protocol

Well I wasn't too sure about this symptom yesterday but now I feel more certain after taking my third dose of the day!

My lymph nodes in my neck are quite thick - not huge just small but noticeably thickened. Which they are not normally. Also I have a sore throat at the back of my throat, whereas the crimson crescent ME sore throat - is at the front of the mouth not the back (

I'm not meant to feel an energy boost at this point but I do feel mentally a little more upbeat. Maybe this is a "high" feeling though, which in my experience is always bad news. At any rate it's nice not to feel totally pants at this point even if that doesn't present a great prognosis potentially. Even though my lymph nodes are enlarged, I've got the sore throat and the sniffles. Which I am hoping is due to a general removal of crap from my body + immune response. I'll be adding the Lions Mane tomorrow, as for some reason I kept getting confused between Lions Mane and Reishi - god knows how that happened.

I may have to make some dietary tweaks as well. Link to the v3.2 protocol if anyone wants to read it:

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