The last 3 weeks maybe 4 I've crashed several times and the pattern appears to be bursts of adrenaline, with hormonal changes like lowered or vastly raised cortisol and immune stimulation / drug reactions.

So I decided to try and get my cortisol under control which is making me feel extra unwell and making me over reach I believe by being stimulating in and of itself.

Judee and learner both recommended adrenal and thyroid cortex but these were about £55 each so I opted for pregnenolone and Holy basil. I wasn't expecting much from the pregnenolone but I took 2.5mg this afternoon and I feel tons calmer within about 5 minutes.
My testosterone is about 11 or 12 units which isn't ideal on my blood tests. I've no idea why really. My dhea-s is well within the healthy range but my cortisol at 8.30am has been all over the place but was higher (normally lower) this January so assume that I've been more stressed than usual.

Need a saliva test to confirm for good though.

Anyway I'm glad the pregnenolone appears to have worked as the last time I took it in May 2020 it didn't really have any effect. Whereas this time it has and I definitely feel better for it. So I am hopeful this will knock me out for sleep - as that's the effect it's kind of having at present. Once that stops lasting I'll probably take it in the morning if it's stimulatory and stop it when this stressful period has passed.

I'm hopeful if it regulates my hormones so that I'm less stressed when taking the antivirals. But of a stab in the dark. But worth a shot.


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