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This isnt going to be all that interesting post but i just wanted to keep track of what was going on for me as far as medical stuff goes. I will at some point probably soon do a post on how my CFS/ME started 13 yrs ago and all the over 80 symptoms ive had with this illness.

My CFS is very very mild compared to what it used to be.

I havent had a panic attack in years with the CFS but had one a couple of days ago. It wasnt a bad one as i didnt even realise at time I was having a panic attack (just thought i was very upset and crying) but my friend pointed out that i was actually hyperventalating as well, to which I then started to try to slow my breathing down but couldnt. I ended up hyperventaling and gasping.

This sucks as I learnt how to control the CFS panic attacks years ago by deep breathing and visualization as soon as one starts but now seem to have lost the ability to stop one (or maybe im just out of practice seeing it's been so long since Ive had one).

Another symptom which has come back recently, which i hadnt had in 6mths is the morning stiffness. Im back to hobbling about in the mornings with stiffness and a little bit of soreness in my calves. This has happened most days over the past couple of weeks.

I dont have a clue why these symptoms have come back but wonder if the anti-inflammatories im currently on or the recent drug trials in past couple of mths have sent me down hill a little. I dont care much about these little things as Im used to dealing with far worst, long as they dont get worst. Finger's crossed.


Panic attacks aren't much fun, taniaaust1.

I've only had 2 bad ones (2-3 years ago I think it was), but I do remember the constant & overwhelming fear from that time.

Hopefully you won't have any more, of if so, they will be fleeting & over quickly.
Thanks for the comment :) , My worst panic attack years ago was while waiting at a supermarket checkout. I was about to passout with the POTS and thinking I was about to be on floor (very embarrassing) which sent me then into a full scale heart pounding, nauseus, head spinning even more, sweating panic attack. Ive since learnt not to be embarrassed and will even sit on floor of supermarket if i have to do so. One does what one has to do.

It's interesting thou how the CFS can just suddenly throw in a symptom when you are least expecting it, like it plans to keep one on ones toes.. like hahah i got you. Im glad to hear you havent had many bad ones yourself.

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