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A couple weeks ago I injured my left wrist while slipping on one of our dirt paths around here. They get a lot of loose gravel and debris on them when the weather turns warm and dry after months of rain, all the mud dries leaving stuff loose under foot.

A few re-injuries of the same wrist while trying to let it heal and here I am a couple weeks later still only able to type with my right hand. I am on the mend and hope to have the use of two hands in life again within a couple weeks at most.

Both Jeremy and I have seen over the years that one of our persistent symptoms, indeed one of our very first even, is a decreased healing speed from injuries. Tissues knit together slower, muscles and tendons take longer to come back up to strength, and easily being re-injured is fairly common even while being very vigilant and careful.

I am greatly looking forward to being able to write more here as it has been an interesting couple of weeks!

The darkness of my persistent sinus infections is gradually being lifted as I continue to use my nebulized medicines. My antibiotic course ended four days ago and I have now started the anti-fungal. Overall, I feel much better and more energetic from being rid of the bacteria infection. I am hoping to see more improvement in a week or two as the fungal infection is also destroyed.


The wrist injury is a real #@!*%?, Lisa,

I know how much you use your computer to keep in touch. I DO hope it really is on the mend & doesn't give you further trouble.

In 2004 I remember it taking a good 3-4 months to get over a sprained ankle & a long time to get over a fractured acromion (shoulder) & torn ligaments after a fall. The fracture itself was healed as shown on a 2nd x-ray a week later, but the soft tissue damage took months.

Take extra care of that wrist, you need it.

Hope the bacterial & fungal infections clear up completely & you can get back to "normal" life soon.
Hi Vicki! :)

I tore some ligaments in my ankle back when I was 19. The doctor told me it would have been less painful and healed quicker if I'd just broken it instead. I've never broken a bone in my life, but seems I've had more than my fair share of soft tissue damage. That injury took about 6 weeks. About five years ago I injured the same ankle in the same way and it took about 4 months to heal. Granted I was 8 years older but such a difference in time!

I'm hoping for more normal life soon too. Squirrels have started their late summer 6 a.m. wake up calls the last couple days - maybe that's normal life? If so, maybe abnormal life with long sleeps in the morning wasn't so bad after all... lol

Many warm hugs sent to help with your winter cold! Lisa
Slowly healing ligaments and tendons is a feature of chronic lyme infection, at least for me.
I just did an amino acid profile yesterday which if something there is off it could really effect the healing rate too. If it comes back good, I'll see about a lyme test next time I get blood drawn again. Being outdoors does open the option of tick bites though luckily this area doesn't see much lyme disease.

Thanks for the information Jen! Moooing hugs! Lisa

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