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Another Trip to the Wizard

Reposted from Sundog Tales

Yesterday was this year's trip to see our MCS/CFS specialist who's office is about two hours away. (For last year's trip see <a href="http://sundogtales.wordpress.com/2009/10/10/back-from-the-wizard/">Back from the Wizard</a>) The weather couldn't have been better as it was one of our warmer days and lots of sunshine. A good day for a road trip!

A month ago Jeremy and I had our usual 10 vials of blood drawn each. It was a bit rougher trip than normal as we had forgotten to fast prior to the blood draw and opted to go home and wait another six hours before heading back in for the draw.

That day was a highlight of the blood sugar improvements we have seen since starting a paleo diet as eight hours total without a meal was rough, but very doable. A year ago this would not have even been considered possible.

Yesterday we received the results of those blood tests, covered our next stage of treatment, addressed my still lingering sinus infection, and tweaked a few things with our current treatment.

This is a very long, detailed post. Listed below is the quick version and all test results are at <a href="http://sundogtales.wordpress.com/test-results-jeremy/">Test Results - Jeremy</a> and <a href="http://sundogtales.wordpress.com/test-results-lisa/">Test Results - Lisa</a> (or just go to top of my blog page for the tabs). Last year's test results will be added there too for anyone who wants to compare them to this year.

<strong>Quick list of all changes:</strong>
- New antibiotic for sinus infection (possibly some acetylcysteine to nebulize too).
- Increase our b12, methylfolate, and milk thistle (detox herb).
- Start supplementing Vitamin K2.
- Keep Vitamin D the same for next six months and then retest.
- Take MTHF test.
- Jeremy increases his testosterone 50-100% and taurine.
- I begin supplementing thyroid, glycine, arginine, and methionine.

With a good amount of luck and hope, we should be seeing some improvements in our health soon. I only wish there was more to follow up with on Jeremy right now, but possibly time will shine more light on what needs healing for him too.

<strong>Sinus Infection</strong>
First thing we talked about, my recurring sinus infection. A couple weeks ago I noticed it coming back and restarted the same antibiotic as treatment. After two weeks, it briefly saw some improvement but is beginning to slowly worsen again. I will be starting a different antibiotic (also nebulized) early next week when it arrives in the mail from a compounding pharmacy in California. It should be noted that the first course of antibiotic treatment likely would have fully taken care of the sinus infection but some misread instructions led to it not being used properly. I suspect this new antibiotic will work very well.

We discussed how the treatments outlined at our last office visit had gone. He had suggested last October that we try a product to help promote detoxing but it had proved to strong even at 1/20th of a dose. Because of this, we are going to be trying an increase in an herb that has been helping us to detox instead.

Last year the plan had been to try the detox product and if it did not help much, then we would do a test panel which would help pinpoint where we are having trouble detoxing. However after looking over the current supplements we are using and our lifestyle (high avoidance of toxic triggers and really good diet) we all agreed that running such a panel would not likely require us to change much with our healing program even were it to be very informative.

I've mentioned before how much I love my doctor - him being ok with not running a test that would be out of pocket costs for us simply because he recognizes it would only give information but not change our treatment program is another big reason he's such a great physician. I have not heard of very many doctors who are open enough to the needs of the patient to recognize saving money as one of those big needs.

We will be running an insurance covered test of our MTHF process to see if it is working properly. This is the process by which methylfolate is used in the body for many important functions and if it is wonky can cause detox problems as well as a host of other symptoms. Meanwhile, we will slowly begin to increase our methylfolate supplementation.

<strong>Hydroxocobalamin shots (B12)</strong>
Starting with our b12 shot yesterday, we will be increasing each one by 50% - from 10,000 mcg each shot up to 15,000. I think I noticed a very large difference with the increase last night. A lot of energy after our trip instead of being totally wrung out as expected. It will take a few shots to see how well this works, but I suspect it is a very good change.

<strong>Vitamin K</strong>
One new blood test this time was to check our osteocalcin levels, aka Vitamin K. With the amount of Vitamin D we are supplementing with it is important to have enough Vitamin K to help ensure calcium is utilized properly in the body and not deposited in muscle or other tissues. Good catch by Dr. Buscher with this test as our results show we both are in need of supplementing Vitamin K. This was a little surprising actually as there should be ample K in our diet due to the amount of greens we eat which is why most doctors would not have bothered to test it. I tested below minimum and Jeremy right at minimum levels.

<strong>Vitamin D</strong>
We retested our Vitamin D levels again this year. They have both come up by a large amount to land us in the mid-normal range instead of the very low (Jeremy) to below minimum (me) that they tested at last year. Even so, we will still be on our current dosage of Vitamin D until they raise up into the range Dr. Buscher has found to be more optimal. This will be retested in six months as it is entering a more fine tuning area of supplementing.

<strong>Sex Hormones</strong>
Another test of our hormones this year showed some positive improvements for both of us. Jeremy is still too low on testosterone but he did see a 30% increase in levels. He will be having his supplemental testosterone raised to help further. Its a sticky situation to take supplemental testosterone as its one of those things you will be on the rest of your life once you start it. I did bring this up as a concern with increasing his dosage, but we all agreed that with how low his is, the time for options to raise it without medication have passed.

I saw positive improvement for my progesterone levels which had been fairly low last year. Though I'm now mid-range and could conceivably cease supplementing with progesterone drops, I'll be continuing on them as there is still signs that they are needed.

As a side note - though we have been supplementing with hormones for the last 11 months, I also think our diet change has contributed to the improvements. Certainly removing phytoestrogens from the diet (soy) would be of tremendous help when trying to rebalance hormones.

<strong>Thyroid and DHEA</strong>
Next up is our thyroid and DHEA panels. Jeremy saw little or no change with both of these, however for me they both decreased over the last year. While last year there was the option of not addressing the thyroid because it was in the low normal range, this year it was pretty much only a question of what I would be supplementing it with. I had dropped another 27 points this year which lands me at 247. The reference range is 230-420 and very often people experience symptoms of low thyroid (hypothyroidism) when in the low normal range. I'd say I am now low, low normal.

When I was 15, I became ill and the doctor could not find the cause. After a specialist ran a lot of tests (enough blood drawn as to make me nearly pass out), he decided to take a chance and treat me for hypothyroidism despite me being in the low normal range. It worked almost immediately. A few years later I was able to cease thyroid medication but always kept in mind that I'm one of those who can have devastating symptoms as a low normal.

Last year I tried supplementing with Synthroid to see if it helped some of my symptoms but it had a huge, not good reaction in me. This year I will be trying the natural thyroid supplement, Armour, as it has recently come back on the market. It has a lot of negative reviews for it with the new formulation, but I have read many are able to crush it and add a bit of sugar/honey to make it fully absorbable again, thereby alleviating the problems with the new formulation.

My lowering of DHEA will be addressed after we tackle the thyroid and anything that arises from trying to address it.

<strong>Amino Acids Profile</strong>
Lastly I'll cover our biggest new test of the year - <a href="http://www.metametrix.com/test-menu/profiles/amino-acids/amino-acids-40-plasma">an amino acid profile</a> that was all out of pocket expense. We will see what happens by treating the things shown low on this profile, but I already feel the money was well spent.

This is the first time in 9 years of illness that Jeremy and I had significantly different test results. Granted my lowering thyroid does fall into this category as well, but it is not as dramatic a difference as what we saw on the amino acid profile.

It has been a nightmare to try and convince new doctors or officials we have had to deal with, that two people can both have CFS/MCS and similar test results. The amount of skepticism and outright disbelief that we are ill but instead just faking has been enormous. To finally have differencing test results, while meaning only one of us is good, it still brings much satisfaction to my heart to be able to point to something being different.

It is also interesting from the perspective of wondering - what finally changed after nine years to give us different results? Maybe we simply weren't looking in the right places all that time...

This last profile measured the quantity of amino acids in our blood at a fasted state. It is absolutely amazing the impact amino acids have in bodily processes. Many amino acids can be made by the body or its organisms (bacteria in our gut), but some we can only obtain through outside sources - namely food.

The paleo diet helps with this because meat is a very good source for these essential aminos which we only get through food. Having low amino acids can be a sign of poor digestion, poor diet, or areas where the body is having trouble converting from one thing to another.

Jeremy and I tested nearly opposite each other on almost this entire test. As I said, this is the first time we have ever showed almost any difference, let alone such a dramatic difference in a test.

To go over each test thoroughly would be far too much information to add to this already long post, but there is now a tab of all the test results for anyone who wants to see more detail.

In a nutshell, Jeremy has some unbalanced ratios of some of his aminos but the general levels of everything except taurine are pretty good. Oddly, taurine is the only amino acid we were currently supplementing which makes it a little surprising to find his levels low.

On the other hand, my levels of almost everything were very low. This is also surprising given how much protein I eat every day. It is likely part of the problem has to do with poor digestion or absorption from my intestines, as well as problems detoxing. The MTHF panel we are doing next should help provide some answers to some of my low amino levels.

Of note, my "Urea Cycle and Ammonia Detoxification" (numbers 31-36 on test results) are all pretty much bottomed out. This could certainly be cause for some of my continual brain fog along with some other symptoms. Dr. Buscher wanted to see the results of the MTHF panel before treating this area due to the influence an imbalanced methylfolate process could have on this detox system.

To sum up this test, Jeremy will be increasing his taurine supplementation. I will begin supplementing with glycine, arginine, and methionine to start and more can be added later. Dr. Buscher will be researching what impact our imbalanced ratios of aminios are having on us and if they need to be treated, I think our test results threw him a bit of a curve ball on this aspect, especially Jeremy's. Lastly, we will reevaluate these tests again in light of the findings of the MTHF panel we will be doing sometime soon.

Lots of changes and lots of places treatment can lead. We never brought up XMRV (soon possibly renamed to HGRV) or Dr. Buscher's impressions of its potential to be a key role in CFS. As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done in stabilizing some key body systems before we can even consider looking into what for now are still experimental therapies.



Just a note about Armour: you can dissolve it sublingually. That way it absorbs quickly and doesn't hurt your stomach. I found it wasn't great for me, I would feel good for a few hours but then crash worse for a few days. hopefully it will be better for you. Good luck!
sounds like a lot of stuff to try out, I hope some of it will help! There was a thread, with research paper, on phoenix rising about how testoterone increases XMRV replication you may want to read.

I tried testosterone and was feeling great for a couple fo months of testosterone before it no longer worked. no supplementing of hormones has worked for me. I had a big crash after testoserone supplementation. Get ready for some plentiful sex though! Obviously my sitaution is different thatn yours.

I have had good success with zinc. and b6 for improving hormones. The klinghardt KPU protocol. I also throw in a little malic acid on an empty stomach seems to help me absorb minerals or something.

I also have improved hormones from increasing glutahione through methylation. I also tried some creme that seems to help, but gives me nerve pain. Some say that is CPN die-off. feels like peripheral neuropathy. who knows.
L'engle;bt2980 said:

Just a note about Armour: you can dissolve it sublingually. That way it absorbs quickly and doesn't hurt your stomach. I found it wasn't great for me, I would feel good for a few hours but then crash worse for a few days. hopefully it will be better for you. Good luck!

Hi L'engle!

I've been hearing that the new Armour formulation doesn't take well to sublingual use anymore. Same with the newly formulated Natur-thyroid. Both have been changed to have microcellose instead of glucose as the filler and this seems to be causing trouble with it being dissolved in the mouth.

Thanks for sharing your personal experience with it. I will watch out for cycles that seem to come after using it like what you have described. Hugs! Lisa :Retro smile:
markmc20001;bt2984 said:
I tried testosterone and was feeling great for a couple fo months of testosterone before it no longer worked. no supplementing of hormones has worked for me. I had a big crash after testoserone supplementation. Get ready for some plentiful sex though! Obviously my sitaution is different thatn yours.

Hi Mark! Though the testosterone/XMRV connection certainly needs to be watched, I can't say as I'd mind some of the other "side effects"! ;):D;)

That is very interesting about your hormones improving after boosting your methylation. Looks like we are going to be going down that exploratory road a bit in the coming months ourselves. Its party why Dr. B didn't want to start supplementing a few things that were low on both of us, he suspects bringing back up our methylation will likely take care of it too.

Thanks for coming by Mark! Hugs! Lisa :Retro smile:
Thanks for the info, Lisa! My partner's going to try the armour for a bit, I'll post to you on how it works for him. I might try it again if I get to a stage where my adrenals feel less fragile. Good luck with it!
Thanks L'engle! I have researched it a bit more and found people saying they had luck with powdering the Armour, adding a bit of sugar or honey and then either popping that powder in sublingually or taking it with a bit of water.

I'm on day three of trying out the Armour. I've been powdering it and then trying it sublingually as my supplement schedule makes it hard to find a good time away from everything with Calcium or Iron in it (they both bind to thyroid as does Estrogen). Seems to be working well, though under the tongue gives me a rush while between lower lip and gums is not even noticeable. Likely based on it absorbing quicker in one spot than the other.

The pills powder very easily. The bit of sugar or honey is supposed to help the absorption. Also, its recommended to try using it a couple times a day instead of all at once so as not to cause as much hormone spike, easier on the body . Let me know if your partner finds something that works better for them, I'm always open to new ways of doing things!

As to how it is working: Much, much better than Synthroid I tried last year. That stuff had me feeling awful with just a crumb. The Armour does give me a bit of a buzzed feeling in the morning, sort of like after a bit of alcohol - nice and mellow. lol It seems to also increase my body temp (or at least I get a lot warmer suddenly) and my circulation is improving a bit. Might be getting a bit of energy from it too, I certainly notice when its wearing off as its a bit like when the coffee buzz leaves but much more mild. Seems to be smoothing out with each dose as I get more used to it.

I've got a lot of hope that thyroid is indeed something I've been needing after seeing how I'm acclimating to it the last three days.

Take care L'engle! :) Lisa

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