A B12 test led me here


I thought to use the blog as a diary of sorts to track my issues and progress. I have a lot of questions, but imagine they have already been answered, and once I have time to read the entire forum, I will know where. In the meantime, if you come upon this determined to heal or die trying blog of sorts by this tired single mother who just discovered that there is a way to recover from CFS, feel free to read, or not, to comment, or not. I am not attempting to entertain anyone, is all.

My B12 blood serum was 170. Hallelujah. I thought I would be well within a month. Ten days after beginning B12 shots my B12 blood serum was 1140 and my doctor discontinued the shots. I told her I was just beginning to feel a tiny bit better and had spent most of that ten days crashed out because B12 always made me crash and burn which was why I never took B supplements. But, that when I was awake, I was better than I had been before. She gave me that funny doctor look. LOL. Well... I always knew there was something (or many somethings) wrong me that the medical world did not understand. My google search began with B12 shot energy crashes and ended here, at the ME/CFS Forums on Phoenix Rising.

I read about Freddd first, then Yasko, then RIch. I am now taking supplements aimed at bridging the Methylation gap and restoring whatever is depleted in my system. I do not know exactly what will bridge the gap or what is depleted, of course. Cheers!


I think all that stuff is far too confusing unless you have had some kind of methylation panel done to have some idea of your gene mutations which can help one know what is the better things to try

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