L-Carnitine Fumarate Setback

Moving forward with the protocol once I achieved the ability to take tolerate Folate was the switch from L-Carnitine in the liquid form by Jarrow to L-Carnitine Fumarate. It seems like I read so many people referring to LCF as making a huge difference for them.

It turns out to be the wrong thing for me.

At first, I took the full 250 mg pill (from Source Naturals). On the bottle it said to take it up to 4x a day, so I did not think that would be starting too high. It gave me a raging headache that ruined my day. To be sure that it was the LCF that was the cause, I took it 2 more days, and both days was disabled by a raging headache.

I quit it for a week. Then I bought size 3 capsulines and split the dose of 250 into 50 mg capsules. At 50 mg per day, I seemed to tolerate it, and it seemed to give me a little more alertness and ready-to-use energy. Over a two week period I began to experience increasing irritability, anxiety, and IBS problems and eventually had a panic attack. I quit taking it and now seem to be going through withdrawals. The IBS and anxiety have gone away, but I am very emotionally destablized. I am depressed, feel hopeless, evil moody and my kids are hiding from me.

I don't know what to do to alleviate the emotional reaction. It is really horribly bad. I already tried several supplements (that I do not normally take, but have around, like GABA, SAMe) and nothing helped.

I don't know if I should try Carnitine in another form. I could never tell if the liquid L-Carnitine made a difference at all when I was taking it. Bottom line: LCF trial is a fail.


It doesn't have to be the fumarate form. There's never 'one' right way.

If you were doing better w/the liquid version, or at least not worse, I'd go back to that. I used to take that years ago, and it definitely helped me I believe the carntine fumarate version may help those with a krebs cycle issue involving succinic and fumaric, or fumaric and malic acids. Or maybe all three.

It takes time to change things, so if you didn't notice any difference w/the liquid version, you may try it for a longer period. If then you still don't notice a difference, well, then you've saved yourself from having to buy it again. :)
Seems there are some that benefit from Carnitine but it could be very subtle with me. I started with the Acetyl form and it seems to be positive. No negatives though to note. I still take 1000mg per day because of the studies. I read where the Acetyl form moves into the Brain where the plain L form does not.

Another offering is that the forms are critical sometimes but most of the Krebs types seem innocuous to me, maybe they do have a better uptake and you can use them as a tool to help locate specific issues .For instance, I have discomfort with the Glycinate types and read that it may convert to Glycine and because I have a real problem with Glutamate and it helped spot the issue. Maybe you are having Krebs problems, if you do try those and get a high positive it could mean that you have identified something going on in those pathways.

With headaches can you describe those? Do they burn? If so there may be something with fumarate specific connections. Do you have no headaches aside?

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