Folate, deal breaker update

I had about decided Folate was evil, for me. The possibility that it was the magic cure for brain fog was an irresistible lure so I gave it another try within two weeks of the edema episode. I cut out everything I was taking that had Folic Acid in it, as well as all foods sources with Folic Acid added. After a week, I started taking a quarter (100 mcg) of L-Methyl folate by Solgar once a day. After four days, I showed no signs of swelling, so I took a half (200mcg) for two days. Still no signs of swelling.

At that point, I jumped right in to the big time and took my first B-Right.

Up to then, I had only been taking the following from the Freddd protocol:

Methyl B12
Adenosyl B12*
Trimethyl glycine (TMG)
Liquid L-Carnitine w/ B5
Gamma E

*(had Folic Acid in it, so I cut back on the dose until I could find another source)

B-Right is massive. It has so much Niacin in it that it makes me prickly (just short of flushing). Somehow, despite the edema of L-Methyl folate of just two weeks prior, I had no problems tolerating it. I did not have a brain fog relief reaction from taking the correct active Folate that so many others report having. I was very much looking forward to that miracle, but it turns out that it is not mine to have.

I am writing this in retrospect, so I will go ahead and report that I can take two B-Right a day without experiencing any tolerance issues (that I know of, or feel related to the B-Right, anyway). Taking two a day does not seem to provide more help with the CFS, however, so I usually take one and second dose supplement only Methyl B12 and Adenosyl B12.

How much does taking all these B-vitamins help me? Well... My sister's boyfriend stopped by while in town around this time and after a few minutes of chatting (and he knew zero about me having CFS) he said, "What have you been doing? You're different. You're like... 'alive' now."

I had no idea he thought I was a zombie before. LOL.

I do not always feel very alive. Is this tired, toxic yuck of today better than the way I felt last month? I ask my kids to tell me how I am different so that I know I am still improving. More details on improvements to come, because the Bs are only the beginning.


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