Brazil Nuts & Sodium Bicarbonate & Folate

In the early days, that being only two weeks ago really, I was feeling B12 crash terrible in the middle of the night and ate a handful of Brazil Nuts. Suddenly, I felt better than I had in ... I have no idea how long. They fed something missing and everything suddenly balanced out. It was a lovely few hours. I love Brazil Nuts, and almost always have some around. I eat a handful (six) everytime I feel terrible now (because I feel more terrible on these damned supplements than I did without them, of course). More often than not, they help.

And, so does a simple dose of Baking Soda, that everyday, old-fashioned 1/2 tsp in 4 oz water antacid thing. It helped me detox the Folate. What is in this stuff?

I looked up Brazil Nuts. They are relatively high in Thiamine, aka B2, and Gamma-E, have some Potassium and Zinc, are very high in Copper, Magnesium, and Phosphorus, and extremely high in Selenium (and also extremely high in Fat, but supposedly the good kind).

Selenium is needed for that Glutathione-thing. I keep reading about it, that Glutathione-Methionine-Folate Trap-B12 Hijack-Homocysteine-Evil-Methylation-MTHFR (which in my head is always Muth****ker) and so forth, but exactly why it is bad per Freddd and good for others does not yet make sense.

More on what is working: I feel like the Thiamine and Potassium and Magnesium in the Brazil nuts are a factor in the feel-good effect. This prompted me to add Potassium & Magnesium to my protocol. So far, they are noticeably helpful, but do not overwhelm the positive effect of the Brazil nuts.

I have used Kinesic Body* tests on all the supplements a few times. Folate is always a sudden, huge, weak no. Most of my chosen supplements give a strong to very strong positive result. The B-Right recommended in the Freddd protocol is a rare no. My old standby daily vitamin still gets a yes (shocked me, that one), as does my not-the-Right B-complex supplement that has folic acid instead of folate and a smallish cyano-B12 amount.

I have a problem with Folate, but I am not confinced that that means it is my primary problem and that I need to focus on it, and work up to some magic marker dose just because someone with another set of genes said so. We all have different levels of depletion and different genetic markers.

Listen to the body.

*Kinesic Body Testing Fun: Double Blind testing with extra person holding the supplement to the nape of the testee where the neither the tester nor testee can see what is being tested, and extra person keeps track of supplement and response.


Where's the sodium Bicarbonate? In the old days it was used to soften cabbage it was said to take the vitamins out namely C.
Hi there, Humanrights. Regarding Sodium Bicarbonate: I think it is overlooked in its usefulness.

I consulted with a counselor about getting a DNA snp test done. This was at a counseling office with DNA snp posters and references to CFS and Fibromyalgia all over the walls. Very up with the times. The counselor had special experience with environmental toxins, CFS, and other similar neurologically challenging medical issues. She strongly recommended Baking Soda as a detox assistant. She stated it was as useful as bentonite clay or magnesium salts are for a detox bath.

Also, the Seeking Health line of supplements started by Dr. Ben Lynch of includes "Neutralize" with Potassium & Sodium Bicarbonate {}.

I now turn to it more often, and it always helps ease that yuck feeling.
Hi Lolo. Yes, the Kinesic Body Testing can be very useful... but it gives results that are very "in the moment," which may not always be the best answer, depending on the situation.

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