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  1. ChookityPop

    If I use my muscles a tiny bit too much I get PEM.

    Its so weird. Last year my legs suddenly "stopped" working. I got crazy lactic acid buildup and lots of pain. Walking in general sucks, but stairs and walking downhill is a lot worse. In november I removed snow from my car and "destroyed" my arms and got crazy PEM afterwards. I bought this car...
  2. O

    Anyone's symptoms get worse after doing anything stress related?

    I want to here from people who experience PEM and what the resulting symptoms are from PEM.
  3. hmnr asg

    handling mentally challenging tasks

    Hi everyone, So there is a lot of discussion on the forum about handling physically demanding tasks, e.g., using a heart rate monitor to ensure one's heart rate is not going above some baseline and breaking the tasks into smaller chunks and resting in between. What I like to ask the members...