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📊 Poll- What would you find helpful in a meditation created especially for PEM ?

There is literally only 1 meditation video on YouTube for PEM,yes one (
) & it’s less than 18mins long! I’d like to see that change. (as a coping tool,not a cure)
I’m requesting that some of my favourite meditation creators address this deficit (& encourage you to do the same if you can spare the energy).

Have created 2 polls so it's less spoon demanding for you to type & think of criteria you want in a PEM compatible meditation.

What should not be included https://framadate.org/bQb977KtRsN82RnW

What should be included https://framadate.org/5x5qvHrK1hWIrdhQ

Please only leave comments under the poll on the Framadate website, as the poll page is the only place where meditation creators will be basing their meditations on majority votes & suggestions. Feel free to share the poll online/with other PEM sufferers,thanks!

Thank you for your time & energy ,filling out both will help have meditations built on better data ❤

(Ps: Not a meditation but Nothing much happens, the sleep podcast has been one of the few things I can consistently tolerate during PEM )
Polls close at the end of June, if you want to have your say then now is your opportunity. If you want to suggest meditation creators with a male voice then please post them below the poll as I have a list of mainly female voice meditation creators.