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Can we discuss regular PEM vs "Rolling" PEM?


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
I have one of those Garmen watches now and when I have rolling PEM the body battery numbers barely go up while I sleep at night and even sometimes go down when I've pushed too much the day before.

It can take me 2-3 days even before I can reverse the downward trend even using aggressive resting therapy (ART).

It's like an energy debt (PEM) but with loan shark compounding interest (PEM on steroids??) So even though I am attempting to "repay" the debt by resting, for a while it's still getting worse.

(Sorry if that explanation seems redundant.)

I think the only answer might be to try never to push which is so hard. Plus I think many of us have brain fog so we don't do tasks efficiently and OCD so once we get motivation actually feel driven to keep going until we can't anymore. It becomes it's own vicious cycle.
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Rufous McKinney

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Rolling as a term could have applied during my three month trip to visit my daughter in which I never recovered from arriving. Somehow, no matter how much I rested and didnt' do anything, I could not get out of the ditch I"d crashed into. Lots of symptoms worsened. I improved gradually back home again.

I have a plan for heading this off next time...wish me luck.