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  1. debored13

    Helpless (Essay i wrote from current place of pain and uncertainty)

  2. L

    Starting my mold avoidance adventure

    So tomorrow I'm leaving for my first month of mold avoidance. A test run that I hope will give me a lot of information on how to move forward. I'm severe, but I think I can avoid crashing, because I have what is hopefully enough help. I don't know what to expect. It could be heaven, hell, or...
  3. debored13

    Locations rating map of the USA. How many people find this lines up w their experience?

    https://paradigmchange.me/rate-locations/ I find this map to be fairly accurate but not detailed enough, it leaves out lots of areas of the us
  4. debored13

    Outdoor toxins of particular relevance to mold illness patients

    https://paradigmchange.me/wp/outdoor-toxins/ There is a lot of focus on building mold in me/cfs but often outdoor toxins are underlooked, because they are harder to study. But there is a large volume of anecdote suggesting they matter in me/cfs as much as building mold.
  5. debored13

    Open letter to the OMF--help save us canaries

    Made this video which id like to get to people at the Open Medicine Foundation and maybe other researchers as well. As a side note, I find the thumbnail deeply unflattering and want tech support to know if I can edit the thumbnail from mobile Please watch and share as widely as possible if...
  6. I AM

    Would you buy a home that needs low level mold remediation? Asking people who are mold sensitive/toxic...

    WWYD -- What Would You Do? To those who are mold sensitive... I am in the process of buying a house and the mold and mycotoxins tests (Realtime Labs) are being conducted Friday morning. Is there any level of mold or mycotoxin that you would remediate or would you walk away from the deal? Do...
  7. necessary8

    The RBC-NOX hypothesis

    The RBC-NOX hypothesis Hello again, everyone. Welcome, to the RBC-NOX hypothesis, which I consider by far my best idea yet. It connects the IDO metabolic trap, red blood cell deformability, craniocervical instability (including recoveries after surgery), Alan Light’s research on fatigue...
  8. debored13

    The role of mycotoxins and nanoparticles in CFS (why mold may have gotten worse)

    Continued here: https://cfsuntied.net/2014/12/04/and-now-for-something-completely-different/?fbclid=IwAR3ehxDjqnuh5ceOOZqwphK_sbu-2nVEg15rnvLBXXBKjt7MDbwQ-WlJdH4 @Hip @sb4 @Learner1
  9. Hip

    Just a few sprays of a home-made Dr Brewer antifungal nasal spray for nasal mold triggered significant PEM

    Has anyone found that Dr Joseph Brewer's antifungal nasal spray, which is designed to kill nasal mold, triggers substantial fatigue and PEM, even after light doses for a few days? I tried a home-made version of Brewer's nasal spray last week, and was hit with considerable tiredness and PEM...