How have you approached mold toxin detox?

My fatigue doctor advised me to start taking Great Plains bentonite (a binder) for my mold toxin detox and we'll likely add more things to the treatment plan shortly after I move to my new apt at the end of Oct. I scored sky high on the Real Time Labs mycotoxin test.

Great Plains Bentonite:

I've read about various other treatments, listed below. What have you done to cleanse your body and mitigate your ME/CFS symptoms, if tied to mold exposure? Which supplements/substances did you use and in what sequence and for how long?

These are the treatments I've read about. I'm going to talk to my doctor about them in a couple weeks.

Gut Health: GI Detox
GI/Gas relief: Upgraded Coconut Charcoal
Gut Health: Ultra Binders
Mimosa Pudica
Liposomal Glutathione
Vitamin C
Apple cider vinegar shots
Coffee enemas (I also read some not so good things about them)