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  1. A

    Dose Lysine increase or lower methylation?

    Hi All. I'm on overmethylator and take Methylfolate, Methylcobalamin, Niacin and other B vitamins. Glutamine overmethylators me, so I avoid it. What about Lysine? Does it increase or lowers methylation? Any idea? Thank you.
  2. P

    Abruptly stopped methylating B12 and folic acid?

    Hi all, I’m really suffering and anxious and hoping someone can help me. I’ve been injecting B12 and B9 every other day for autoimmune atrophic gastritis (aka ‘pernicious anaemia’) for several years now. Specifically, I inject hydroxocobalamin and folic acid. These had been addressing...
  3. B

    Cofactors & Their Necessity: A Dicussion

    I detailed in my first thread how I came down with severe ME/CFS symptoms starting in November 2022 which for the next year or so would continuously evolve in intensity to the point of me being relieved of most of my major bodily functions by summer 2023. I however found a lifeline solution in...
  4. Katy131

    Cutting back on methylation supplements for a treatment?

    Hi all What do you do if you have to cut back or stop methylation supplementation to prepare for a medical treatment? I am having periodic immunotherapy treatment for allergies and MCS in general and for these shots I need to cut right back on all my supplements leading up to the shot and...
  5. C

    Help With Methylation Protocol

    Hi guys. This is my second post i think. I've been reading up on Fredds, amy yasko and Richs protocol and i am so so so confused on the dosages etc. Please find below the protocol i have copied to my notes to follow. Also note that i have added Iodine, selinium and molybdium (Molybdate salt)+...
  6. MeMeMe

    Glutathione or no glutathione?

    Hi all I’ve had ME/CFS since July (undiagnosed). I started methylating a couple of weeks ago and I think it’s been helping. But something I’m not clear on is whether to add glutathione to the MTHF + MCbl. I’ve seen that Rich didn’t include it in the protocol, at least not in the simplified...
  7. HurrySaveMe

    Can anyone help me make sense of why I react to Glutathione the way that I do?

    Whenever I take Liposomal Glutathione, I initially feel a lot better for a short while. My brain fog, derealization and cognition gets better, it feels like my brain wakes up again. But afterwards I crash, and feel even worse. Why does this happen to me? I've been able to find out through tests...
  8. W

    How long does it take for methylation to show full effect

    Hello! I've been on a methylation protocol for 2 months now. After 2 weeks I saw some improvement which has been on and off and not really progressed since then. Is this what I can expect for the future or is there a chance that I will continue to improve at say 6 months, 9 months, 1 year...
  9. E

    Genetic polymorphism of MTHFR C677 T may modulate the incidence and severity of COVID-19

    COVID-19 spreading across world correlates with C677T allele of the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene prevalence https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34061414/ Abstract Background: Homocysteine assessment has been proposed as a potential predictive biomarker for the severity of...
  10. Sherpa

    Methyl Charge+ : a great supplement for methylfolate-sensitive "overmethylators" with MTHFR

    I have been on this forum since 2014 and have tried over 25 methylation supplement. Methylfolate and TMG in normal doses are WAY too stimulating to me! Methyl Charge+ by Quicksilver Scientific is the best formula I have ever tried. It has liposomal forms of : B2 B6 B12 (as methylcobalmin)...
  11. S

    Help digesting Freddd's protocol for B12

    Hi, I need some help getting to the protocol or the latest consensus on the exact protocol. Which Supplements, Brands and Amounts are recommended today? Every thread I try to read through just makes me more confused Lol. Thanks for anyone's help!
  12. P

    How much Betaine is contained in or absorbed from a Betaine HCL supplement?

    I've started taking large quantities of Betaine HCL for digestive issues, and I'm trying to figure out if I need to calculate the Betaine as contributing towards my Betaine / Choline intake for methylation? I'm also taking Lecithin, Phosphatidylcholine and egg yolks.
  13. D

    My experience of B12/methylation issues. Looking for advice/discussion please

    Sorry for the long post, I wanted to give my full history. Thanks to anyone that reads it. My questions are at the end if you want to skip. History First of all, I suffer from the C677T mutation of the MTHFR gene. I have a few other mutations that may affect methylation but I don't understand...
  14. L

    Strong anxiety after gentle methylation approach

    Hi All, I recently started a methylation approach with a local practitioner. She started me on Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin Minus One. It's methyl free with Hydroxo/Adeno and Folinic Acid and a host of other active B's, etc. From what I understood the methyl vitamins are usually...
  15. gbells

    Epstein Barr virus causes megaloblastic anemia (methylation related)

    I was troublesheeting a high MCV on CBC labs and learned that Epstein Barr virus causes it (megaloblastic anemia). It is a deficiency of activated folic acid and activated B12. I am heterozygous for MTHFR deficiency but never had a problem with it before EBV infection in 2008. Post infection...
  16. nerd

    What is your understanding of the methylation cycle trap or blockage?

    I've read different viewpoints of what the problem is with methylation and its potential causes. I have my own theory about this, but I don't think I'm aware of all the existing theories so that I can check if it is consistent with all the evidence that is linked to the methylation cycle. This...
  17. nerd

    POLL: How common are B Vitamin deficiencies?

    Given the assumption that CFS/ME is a hypermetabolic condition, I'm trying to found the hypothesis that Vitamin B deficiencies are amplified by the hypermetabolic state and that the normal recommended intake of these Vitamins doesn't apply to CFS/ME. I'm particularly interested in how common...
  18. N

    Help with Walsh methylation protocol test results?

    Hi everyone, I just got my results for the Walsh protocol lab tests. In addition to having borderline pyroluria, I had high homocysteine, low histamine, low methionine, low sam-e, high SAH, and low sam-e/SAH ratio. The doctor is booked for a while so I won't be discussing these results with him...
  19. A

    Do methylation vitamins make erections worse?

    I need your help desperately. I'm 42, and I'm on Testosterone Replacement Therapy due to extreme fatigue and low Testosterone. Without going into much details I'll just mention that as part of the protocol you have to make sure that Estradiol (which directly affect erections) is at certain...
  20. J

    Losing Progress, Looking for Next Step

    I've been dealing with health issues the past 6-7 years and while making some serious headway, I've recently started to backslide and am not quite sure of my next step. I'm starting to feel like I'm entering the final phase of my ability to manage symptoms and looking for a helping hand in...
  21. H

    Help - I've overdone something re methylation and I don't know what

    As the title suggests I've made some errors regarding methylation supplements and I have no idea what's going on or how to fix it. Any help would be much appreciated. The background to this is that I have SIBO and CFS, and have been getting a lot better after about 6 months on Ben Lynch's...
  22. W

    Alternative ways to get extra potassium?

    I've finally got my methlyation up enough that my need for potassium has increased. However, I'm having a problem getting potassium into my body. My digestive system will not absorb more than 50 mg/day if that when I take supplements and that's spread out. I think this is partially due to being...
  23. Sarah94

    Questions about Methylation

    I have seen "overmethylation" mentioned in a few threads and I want to ask what is it? How would you know if you were "overmethylating"? I am taking transdermal B12 (methylcobalamin) spray which I bought from Dr Myhill's online shop. She recommends 5-10 sprays daily. I'm currently on 6 sprays...