Help digesting Freddd's protocol for B12

Hi, I need some help getting to the protocol or the latest consensus on the exact protocol.

Which Supplements, Brands and Amounts are recommended today? Every thread I try to read through just makes me more confused Lol.

Thanks for anyone's help!


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I'm sure if you look around Phoenix Rising, you will find a couple of different methylation protocols, some of which come with simplified versions.

From a theoretical perspective, though, in order to break a methylfolate trap you would really only need a few basic things:
  1. Vitamin B12: This breaks the methylfolate trap.
  2. Folate (Vitamin B9): Once the methylfolate trap is broken, there will be an increased demand for folate.
  3. Vitamin B6: This will reduce any homocysteine that accumulated during the methylfolate trap.
  4. Potassium: Once the methylfolate trap is broken, there may be a sudden, but temporary, drop in potassium. Unexplained muscle cramps are a good sign of this phenomenon.
Hope this helps.


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Hi @scotttt I've attached a document that has circulated around here before which spells out the basics of Freddd's protocol.

I would suggest that you get your genetic profile done as these protocols may work best when they are tailored to your specific genetics. That was absolutely my experience.

I would be careful with Freddd's protocol though as it doesn't always agree with everyone right at the beginning. Some people need to use Rich VanK's protocol (you can find that a lot of info in this thread: to start or something akin to Yasko and James C. Roberts approach using nutrigenomics.

Here is Roberts' site:

I've also attached one of Yasko's books which I found helpful but you'll need to get your genetics done to put it into practice.

Wishing you good health!


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