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Dose Lysine increase or lower methylation?

Hi All.
I'm on overmethylator and take Methylfolate, Methylcobalamin, Niacin and other B vitamins. Glutamine overmethylators me, so I avoid it. What about Lysine? Does it increase or lowers methylation? Any idea?

Thank you.


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you should take glycine. its a buffer for methylgroups.
bonebroth has lots of glycine.


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New Mexico
I wouldn't think it messes with methylation. Bottom line with any supplement is that we have no idea if we will be sensitive to it until we try it. I take it almost every day for its anti-viral properties. Always wise when starting something new to begin with low dose.


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I find all B vitamin supplements agitate and overstimulate me including glycine. Best to get it from food.


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I find all B vitamin supplements agitate and overstimulate me including glycine. Best to get it from food.
Is this what overmethylation feels like? If so I guess I have that as well. My heart rate got so high it set off my Apple Watch warnings when I took a set of B vitamins.

I was able to solve that by taking Vitamin C when I feel the rapid heart rate and sweating coming on. It goes away pretty quick once I take that. I take the same high dose B vitamins now daily, and when I feel that feeling coming on I take Vitamin C 1000mg and that feeling goes away pretty quick. I find I am doing that about every 3 days currently.

Also in general I was able to improve my ability to handle the B vitamins, which I now take daily, by adding Niacin time release.
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I accidentally found this about lysine and methylation while reading a study about COVID and ME/CFS.

I don't think it means that lysine affects methylation, but methylation somehow affects lysine. I don't understand it, but I do know that lysine helps me, I am prone to shingles, and my immediate relatives are prone to shingles.


That clip is from this link.

Just found this about "lysine methylation".

"Protein methylation mainly occurs on lysine and arginine residues1, 2. It is observed on histone and non-histone proteins and plays important roles in normal cellular physiology and diseases like cancer".
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I asked Bing AI "does Lysine increase methylation ?" and received this:

Lysine, an essential amino acid, indeed plays a significant role in methylation, a fundamental post-translational modification. Let’s explore how lysine affects methylation:
  1. Lysine Methylation on Proteins:
    • Histones: These proteins package DNA into chromatin. Lysine methylation occurs on histone amino acid side chains.
    • Function:
      • Gene Expression Control: Lysine methylation influences gene expression by affecting transcription initiation.
      • Heterochromatin Formation: It contributes to forming tightly packed DNA regions (heterochromatin).
      • Chromosome Silencing: Lysine methylation can silence specific chromosome regions.
      • Transcriptional Elongation: It impacts the elongation phase of transcription.
      • Histone Exchange: Lysine methylation affects histone replacement dynamics.
      • DNA Damage Responses: Participates in DNA repair processes1.
    • Non-Histone Proteins: Lysine methylation also occurs on non-histone proteins.
  2. Lysine Methyltransferases (KMTs):
In summary, lysine methylation is a versatile modification that impacts gene expression, protein behavior, and cellular processes. Its specificity and flexibility make it a crucial player in chromatin regulation and epigenetics34. So, yes, lysine is involved in increasing methylation! 🧬🔬
I'm not sure I buy the whole argument, but that is what it offered (the conclusion doesn't convincingly come from the points above). You can make your own analysis.