Methyl Charge+ : a great supplement for methylfolate-sensitive "overmethylators" with MTHFR


Ex-workaholic adrenaline junkie
I have been on this forum since 2014 and have tried over 25 methylation supplement. Methylfolate and TMG in normal doses are WAY too stimulating to me!

Methyl Charge+ by Quicksilver Scientific is the best formula I have ever tried. It has liposomal forms of :

  • B2
  • B6
  • B12 (as methylcobalmin)
  • Folate (as calcium folinate)
  • TMG (75mg)

The lower doses, gentler forms and liposomal delivery is fast acting, smooth.
It really gets my mood and methylation cycle cranking without feeling overstimulated. It is really miraculous for a sensitive type who was prone to dreadfully uncomfortable "overmethylation" reactions that lasted up to 3 days. I have has no problems at all with a full dose of Methyl Charge+. I just feel calm, positive, energized and good on it!
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