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  1. Jody

    A Look at COVID-19 Through the Eyes of ME/CFS

    A Look at COVID-19 Through the Eyes of ME/CFS by Jody Smith I have been self-isolating for over two weeks now. Not because of COVID-19. At least, not at first. Like many of you, I spend a great deal of time in my house because of ME/CFS. I was housebound due to a resurgence of ME/CFS symptoms...
  2. waif

    Prepping tips for coronavirus if you're low carb

    Hi all I'm mostly writing on behalf of my friend He's isolating himself and needs tips on how to hoard food so he has to interact with humans as little as possible. He eats meat and vegetables, healthy, low carb Also do we know how to make sure the virus doesn't transmit via food? Like if...
  3. bspg

    Telemedicine expanded for Medicare recipients due to coronavirus

    Source: As coronavirus spreads, Medicare gets telemedicine option