Post-covid 19 syndrome

Hey everyone,

I want to know if some of you had a run with covid-19 and ended up with post-covid 19 syndrome (which I really think is CFS).

I want to know if you have seen any recovery naturally over the months. I can work only for 3 hours a day before I get fatigued now and I've had covid-19 two months ago.

Also, have you tried any supplements/drugs for post-covid 19 syndrome?
Yes, I had covid-19 and never got better. I’ve been sick since April. Of course all who have been sick from covid-19 more than six months fulfill criterias for ME/CFS. The ones who say something else is in denial or tries to be smart because there is more research on ”long covid”.

I have tried every supplement but it does nothing. The only thing that helps me a little is a betablocker for POTS.


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I was mild to moderately ME/CFS ill before I caught Covid 19 and have been severely ill since March. I had Covid19 very mildly (just loss of smell and taste for about 4 weeks) but its what happened afterwards that was awful, I crashed hard and never recovered. It does vary but moderate to severe all the time now.

No doubt in my mind that Covid19 causes ME/CFS, all viruses seem to. The data from SARS suggests that if you don't recover within about a year you probably wont, about 50% of them suffered with post viral conditions and 10% still have ME/CFS to this day. Covid19 seems to be more like 30-40% initially, long term I don't know maybe 8% hard to know at this point, somewhere in that 5-8% region would be my guess.


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Sick i. April. Moderste infection severe post covid, recovered. Now severe to very severe cfs.

do you have pem? Sounds possible from whst you say. Many recover but you need rest. No real treatments but there are hundreds you can try and some work for some people.