Prepping tips for coronavirus if you're low carb


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Hi all

I'm mostly writing on behalf of my friend

He's isolating himself and needs tips on how to hoard food so he has to interact with humans as little as possible. He eats meat and vegetables, healthy, low carb

Also do we know how to make sure the virus doesn't transmit via food? Like if you steam broccoli does that kill the virus risk? I know it likes to live on steel and cold temperatures

Thanks in advance.

I suggested his mom cook him a bunch of soup etc to freeze but I think that expires in 4 months


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I think all of us with ME/CFS ought to maybe consider stocking up with some things if we can do it, and afford it. It would be good to limit our time out in crowds/ shops/stores etc.

I already have stocked up on some food and supplies, simply because when I first noticed this in late January, I wasn't quite sure how it would affect our economy, work force, store openings etc when it came to my country, which I knew it would.

Low carb is tricky. It depends how strictly low-carb he is. A lot of store-able foods have carbs. But what about quinoa? That's a seed (not sure of carb content)

All fresh meats and fish freeze well and will keep some time at -18C

There is certainly a lot of canned fish to choose from. I wonder if he would like some of the canned meats? Some are not so bad, though that's from memory as I don't eat meat now (I just went off meat, is all) I remember some chicken curry in a can which was tasty....
There are hotdogs (not the best nutritionally but okay when you are hungry and better than nothing) Canned hams (again nothing like the real thing but better than no food)
Canned veg is not too bad. I sometimes eat it just for fun. I LOVE the "cut green beans" and processed peas for some reason!
If the store has a Polish range, then some of the Polish stuff is really excellent, and they have more variety (meats, vegetables, sauerkraut etc)

I bought lots of cans, dried, and frozen foods over the past few weeks, plus other supplies. But I have no dietary restrictions. So it was basically anything that would keep for at least a few months, and with cans at least a year (mostly longer) Lentils, beans, rice, noodles, pasta, stock cubes, peppercorns, salt crystals, plus canned, quiches, vegetables , frozen fish, bread, butter, blueberries....etc.
I also blanched cabbage, green beans, broccoli, carrot pieces and cauliflower florets and put them in my freezer.

I don't know how the virus behaves with heat, but have been eating cooked/steamed vegetables.

The one thing I do now though is either wipe down everything non-porous (wearing gloves) with a hydrogen peroxide mix and dry before storing it. I buy veg which is wrapped in plastic film, and will strip the film off carefully, then wash hands before re-bagging it to store....then wash hands again. Normally I wouldn't opt for plastic wrapped veg!

Fresh fruit....tricky. But I wash it in cold water and scrub lightly, then risk it. I even scrub things like oranges, bananas and mangoes, even though they are going to be peeled.
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Rufous McKinney

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Low carb here as well...

Get some extra good oils....(make sure they stay fresh, rotate, don't spoil, maybe refridgerate.)

My daughter has pushed my husband and they went and got quite a lot of supplies last week..storable food, dried beans and barley...frozen some meat. Cans of stuff.

My thoughts are how will I survive a hard core flu...for say 2 weeks..?

that may differ from the goal- stockpile enough food to never leave for the next six months.

(when I got the severe stomach flu in early dec...i could do NOTHING). At some point, you stop throwing up and have to eat real food and: hardly had anything here.

Soup: So literally- I bought boxed organic chicken and vegetable type soups- but they don't have much actual chicken in I cooked up chicken thighs in water...with skin and bone, and cut up some vegies and I managed to get that one large pot of something soup-like going. The thighs were easier than- a whole chicken...easier to clean up then I kept adding this Home Made soup with Alot of Chicken and Carrots and Cabbage...and celery- TO the boxed soups I bought at the store (which tasted good). This kept me going..... So then if I have easy green- I cut that up with scissors and blanch in the soup- so something fresh and green got added.


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Thanks for the replies. I should add, my friend is nowhere near me or I would try to help him.

Here's an article about how long coronavirus lasts on surfaces

"Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus or endemic human coronaviruses (HCoV) can persist on inanimate surfaces like metal, glass or plastic for up to 9 days, but can be efficiently inactivated by surface disinfection procedures with 62–71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite within 1 minute. "

Yeah it doesn't like heat! So I'm thinking of steaming vegetables myself. That'd be the easiest idea. I'll see in my friend can blanch vegetables too.

I agree, you just need food to get you through. It's not going to be gourmet, lol. Canned sardines, smoked oysters are good...idk if it's just me but canned salmon, I just can't handle, lol. Starkist has these chicken packs I totally think he'd eat. Nuts, sunflower seeds (idk how long these last though). Canned coconut milk is nutritious. Also there's canned pumpkin (which is low carb).

I made a ton of soup/lc chili for myself to freeze but I have to keep in mind it'll all expire in ~3-4 months. Also bought a few cans of progresso broccoli cheddar bacon, like it does have some carbs but just 20 for the entire can

I bought some Jenny's uncooked turkey burgers that don't expire for AWHILE. I'm hoping he could do something like that...the only problem is if my power goes out for any reason I'm going to lose a lot of money 😄

Oh yeah I found out the hard way, do not freeze avocadoes unless you put them in a smoothie 😄

Also a protein powder with minimal ingredients

Slept awful so I'm extra incoherent
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