Waves! (short post - promise)

Hi everyone! I don't really have anything new to report but wanted to say hello.

I've been taking my legos out and photographing them with my macro lens. ;-P My husband did a freelance gig a few months ago and they gave him a brand new Canon EOS camera -- that would have been a dream of mine before, but I just now got around to using it.


Mr. Wizard says, "GET OFF MY LAWN" to the annoying millennial knight.

I have a ton of things to do every day but still only have an envelope that's pretty small -- or maybe too much to do. I finally got my floors mostly all done. A few more things I need to move and sweep, but I no longer HAVE to wear socks through my house to avoid bits of crap and hair sticking to my feet.

I'm trying to quit caffeine. The struggle. Such struggle. Not working yet.

The wildfire smoke has been pretty bad here lately -- shout out to my California, Washington and Oregon friends dealing with the fires.

Have a great week everyone....wait it's...what day is it again. Yeah, well it's not Monday anymore anyway. Have a great week anyway! :D


Nope it's nearly Friday :D haha....you are like me. We don't know what day it is! LOL

I can't quit caffeine either. I like that one cup of my favourite morning coffee. The nicest smoothest blend of my favourite beans. Sometimes it doesn't suit me so much nowadays but other days -it does! go figure. I'd hate to have to give it up. That's my max. caffeine in a day but so nice.

Just do a little bit at a time. It's amazing how many jobs eventually get done when you do that. I am tempted to try to finish a job all at once but have to re-style that nowadays.
Take care & kind thoughts :)

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