Answering Questions - Got Questions? I Answer! haha :-)

Hi everyone, your friend Postiive Paula here from the PNW, Oregon Coast. So on my last blog post had a few questions asked and my reply was too long to fit into the reply box! So without further ado...

@sherlock asks....

"Have you tried an ibuprofen before bed to reduce urine production? That works for me, though I don't do it often."

First thanks for the questions Sherlock! No, I never noticed a reduction of urine with ibuprofen but permanently had to stop taking it for migraines etc. because it usually causes my stomach to bleed. However, I'm down to just one bathroom run a night which is a super achievement! haha

"How about MCT oil for energy? "

Before MCT oil was used for energy it was a Candida fighter, so I tried that back oh' I want to say it would have been in '96 and again a few times over the years as it became promoted for energy. Although a few people I know reported more energy -- oils make me tired and sluggish and MCT is no exception. I just don't burn oils as fuel.

"Btw, are CK (Creatine Kinase) tests elevated for you, in relation to muscle breakdown?"

Yes. Creatinine was very elevated and I would go in for regular blood work to watch out for Creatinine -- full disclosure I was on a medication that did some kidney damage. If the Creatinine was muscle breakdown or a side effect of the old med is tough to distinguish. However, for the first time in years, my kidney creatinine is normal.


"I tried vegan too but it didn't suit me. When I was really REALLY unwell at first I was craving sardines..."

I have never eaten a sardine, but a quick look over on Cronometer and they're really packed with a lot of nutrition. Vegan isn't an all or nothing overnight switch. I started in February as Vegetarian and then in May decided to ditch Dairy. And the first month there wasn't a big change as a Vegan - I felt better that no critters were dying, but I also still had too many starches and grains early in the day and sometimes not enough protein. It's what my old boss Ed used to say, "It's an iterative process" You refine and learn and keep making minor tweaks to get better. Give yourself space and time and room to experiment.

I've found I don't do well-getting protein from grains and starches as a lot of Vegans do. My digestion might just be too bad to feel satisfied with those foods as my main source of protein. I do well with *drum roll* BEANS! haha, I eat a lot of black-eyed peas with hot sauce and tempeh.

I did try the McDougall diet before and I just didn't feel well. I just can't seem to make starch the center of my diet and thrive. Soy loves me though -- I do really phenomenal with Soy (unless it's a weird milk with carrageenan or other stomach upsetting ingredients.

I am allergic and sensitive to so many foods I'm really surprised that the Vegan diet is working for me, however, I'm slowly starting to be able to add more foods in as long as I don't eat something I'm super allergic to (like peas or oats!)

I guess the only thing I really miss is CHOCOLATE. But I'm about to go out today and hunt me down some Vegan chocolate.

I hope this helps guys -- Love the questions! I hope you all are doing great and having a good day. :) Love Ya!
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Hey, Paula, that was a fun and effective way to handle the replies. :) Unfortunately though, the tagging by username doesn't apparently work on blog posts, so I didn't receive an alert.I just stumbled on this.

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