Hit a Snag.

My period came about and I was fine one minute and woke up with fatigue the next day. But I'm doing a little better, this level of fatigue is still better than how I was doing before. And based on my wee online spreadsheet I've been keeping of symptoms it should look up in a few days.

The other thing is I'm having trouble on my diet. I can't digest fructose. I can't and I have six bottles of digestive enzymes on my table that says, "YOU ARE REALLY TRYING GIRLFRIEND!" But holy goats man, it is not going well right now. I blow up like a balloon. My kids say I look pregnant and I have to go hide because the gas is world record-breaking. And it's not even beans - I had to give up my lovely beans a few days ago, I seem to be reacting to everything at the moment. Everything I eat makes me try to double up into a ball with cramps, discomfort, nausea - the works.

I was the girl with the bad GI my entire life. So yeah there was never a time in my life I could eat a lot of fructose.

So I guess I'm thinking.... you know I know I have metabolic issues and prediabetes -- but what if my CFS / ME is from that fructose intolerance? What if I was so nutrient deficient that my body just ran out of GO-GO? I always pushed hard, I was a runner which requires a whole lot of GO-Go, I didn't eat particularly well -- what if it was a nutrient problem?

Because when I started the Vegan era of my life 10 weeks ago they preach a couple of things with absolute conviction -- #1 -- TAKE B12. THOU SHALL NOT SKIP OUT ON B12 it is really, really, really frickin' important.

Well, then alright - along with the Vegan diet I started tinkering with taking B12, which made my neck swell and gave me fevers - I wasn't a fan, but every single stupid Vegan product I had was FORTIFIED to the moon and back with the stuff so I was getting a huge amount daily, like 6,000% of my daily allowance or something.

I was also taking some B1 and a multiple B vitamins every other day and the Vegan recommended DHA / EPA + some good food sources of stuff like Brazille nuts for Selenium, and fresh ground flax seeds for ALA.

So initially I thought it was the fiber feeding my good gut bacteria, but now I'm wondering if the Vegan diet was helping because my fuel gauge for nutrients was on empty?

I'm not sure but I'm going to have to massively change things up because I'm eating way too much fructose and I'm a bloated tick and feel awful. I think I'll just have to stick to safer veggies and avoid fructose (i.e. half of all fruit and veggies especially the good tasting ones + all citrus and most grains...). I'm going to have to eat with a lot less hang ups in the future I think (margarine on my potato - do I dare?). I did get extremely paranoid about food lately, but that's easy to do when you don't feel well.

It's also frustrating when you have a large family who are nice and honest and eating massive greasssy pizza in front of you like -- we're STILL healthier than you are.

It's hard to convince my family to eat healthier when I'm such a mess. "C'mon guys, it's a salad - you can drown it in Ranch Dressing, just try it...."

I hope next week will be better. I'm feeling a little bummed, but I also got my medical bill for the recent tests I had - $20,000. Yeah, 20k USD. That's American health care, and there was a ton of stuff they didn't test, they didn't test B12, Homocysteine, A1C, new thyroid etc. I guess they ruled out cancer, problems with my gynaecological stuff, and a few other things. But now my family is in crushing debt.

20k is more money then I used to earn in a year **sigh** A years salary for basic healthcare. :(

Well until next update! Keep strong guys, don't lose hope! Love ya'all.
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