Vitamin D Notes

"Vit D ramps up thyroid hormone T4 -> T3 conversion, but it doesn't increase your ACTH and thus doesn't increase your cortisol.

So if your cortisol is already too low, then boosting Vit D will further reduce your cortisol, because thyroid hormone T3 requires plenty of cortisol to achieve the boost in metabolism (since thyroid hormone T3 and cortisol work synergistically to achieve the metabolism boost which is incorrectly attributed to thyroid hormone T3 alone).

So you're going to have to boost your cortisol, and that's usually because your ACTH is too low, and that simply requires you to supplement with some transdermal pregnenolone (not oral)."
Vitamin D and thyroid connection:

Recently I decided to start supplementing with Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) just to help me cope when I get a bit stressed at work. Whilst I was researching B5 I found various websites stating that B5 is needed to metabolise Vitamin D and other fats and fat soluble vitamins. It also helps to make Vitamin D from sunlight as well as aid in the synthesis of other steroid hormones from fats and cholesterol.
Vitamin D and B5:

I said that everyone thinks there’s a Vitamin D deficiency epidemic but I’m not convinced. The big question is, why all of a sudden are we so deficient. What could Vitamin D be responding to and what do the low levels indicate?

Here’s one possible answer. Vitamin D is really a hormone with a feedback loop to calcium. When the body has enough calcium less Vitamin D is required and the levels drop.

We are a calcified country, so the effect of high calcium may be lower levels of Vitamin D. And without understanding the complex chemistry involved, most people think we just need to take more.

But MORE Vitamin D pulls in more calcium and bumps out magnesium, making people more magnesium deficient.

Taking high dose Vitamin D (anything above 2,000 IU) will also use up your magnesium because this mineral is required to change the supplemental/storage form of Vitamin D into active Vitamin D.

Not everyone is going to suffer from too much Vitamin D and enough people seem to benefit from it (at least in the short term) that it’s not going to ring any alarm bells for many years. After all, it took about 3 decades for us to realize that high dose calcium supplementation was causing heart disease and soft tissue calcification when not properly balanced with magnesium.
Too Much vitamin D:

Magnesium, A, K2, Boron, B-Complex, Calcium, Zinc

"Magnesium most important co-factor. However, magnesium can feed lyme thus those with lyme need mag malate for but another story"

"If you CAN, I would take olive leaf kill all kinds of stomach and intestinal pathogens. It lowers blood pressure so if your is already ow you might have a problem with it (I do not know - maybe olive leaf extract just normalizes blood pressure...I would not hesitate unless my b.p. was actually low)."

"Anti-inflammatory supplements that I have found calming, both for the "wired" state and for my anxiety symptoms, are N-acetyl-glucosamine 700 mg, turmeric 1000 mg and flaxseed oil 15 ml daily"


Are you aware that an estimated 70-80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium? They consume less than the RDA.

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