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it's been 5 days on and today off of osha root. I could have survived a full week but after an initial herx of pain all through my jaw and head with abdominal cramps at random and a background of terrible fatigue that turned into largely just some abdominal pain now and then plus the fatigue I decided to stop. Overall I felt much more clear though and regained more skin sensatio all over I didn't know I was missing that has been since getting PFS over the summer. I a couple nights ago started using since it came in the gumweed tea which actually brought me back more sensation "down there" I also didn't know was still missing (im baffled as to why, this seems bacterial in nature or at least with my PFS there was a possible bacteria and immune system broken feedback loop) and I after the first dose got more energy but after doses after that including this morning's dose I got much more fatigue. I don't think I am getting anything else out of it so I'm going to stop it for now and see how I do on just my base supplement lineup right now. My body has probably taken quite the beating and on top of this I've also been sick all week with a cold that was triggered by cistus tea which seems to be almost out the door. I am exhausted and need a break. Throat still feels a bit funny, nose can't smell totally again yet, head still feelsa bit inflamed inside, and I'm also still letting out some nasty viral snot. All in all feeling pretty gross and tired. At least I'm not working tomorrow because that would be a nightmare though I'm making dinner anyways even though I intended to fast tomorrow because I work late the next night. Wanted to fast so badly because I been eating almost every night as the osha root has taken quite the toll on my digestive system and also made me very artificially hungry when it was in my system for some reason.

Also sick and tired of needing to go through all this health wise in the first place. It has since the summer though with improvements been nothing but me going crazy trying to get my body back to normal again. I feel like I'm almost there and I hope this current progress with things sticks. I have so many other things I want to do and things that require my attention, I need the energy for them but all of it is just being pulled into getting to the starting line.


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