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Looking Up

The past few days have been up and down. I learned I wasn't able to tolerate the gluconate or citrate types of potassium so I decided to try the bicarbonate version which is the type found in food and was alright with that and it's been helping with my energy while keeping me a bit more level at the same time so I suppose I actually needed it. I kept at the propolis and after some days of being iffy on it, I'm now tolerating it quite well so I'm keeping it in my morning supplement lineup. Later on Friday evening I got a diagnosis for Lyme disease. They want to start me on antibiotics but because of the state of my guts already I'm hesitant on taking them. I decided to instead start on low dose monolauren and cistus tea. I'll try the monolauren first and see how I tolerate that, it seems well tolerated especially at the dose I will be trying so I'm not too worried. Cistus digging around the net seems to be a bit more volatile but I also plan on starting at only a tea bag a day so in the case things do flare it likely won't be anything too bad. Also know my body and reactions well enough to know what is and isn't normal for me. Overall tonight I am feeling better than I have been recently, a little worried about these new things I'm going to try. Hopefully this coming week isn't going to be too rough but I can't see anything getting much worse as long as I'm careful here. I must be doing something right though as in the past few days I'm guessing I have lost a couple sensitivities, chicken and gluten (largely, little more groggy but nothing too bad anymore). I have not tried pork or beef though and I won't for a while since I don't feel ready yet.

Right now in my life playing things by ear based on how the next couple weeks turn out for me. I starting to do more daily with myself as I try to reorient myself with being more able but my PEM is still terrible and I can't tolerate too much mental exertion before shutting down before noon not too long after my heavenly morning coffee and music on the internet time. One day I have a therapy appointment before a shift at work some hours later, I want to go to the appointment but I'm hoping that the combination with the delay between them isn't going to hurt too much. I may not even make dinner that night besides some light snacking because digesting a lot would only take more of a toll on my body. I work tomorrow and the day after so a little bit of a shift marathon going on there but nothing I haven't handled in worst states before. Think my best course of action here to sit back, keep my head low, and carry on the same way I have been. When I'm on any kind of upswing and I get too excited, that's where I tend to screw up. I'm an expert in self sabotage but I'm at least making an attempt lately to keep that more in check.


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