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A Real Headache

It's always seems like every time I have an extended amount of days off I always find myself in some kind of trouble. Today I was pretty peaceful when I woke up and actually did sleep through the night for once but it was one of those nights where I was going to sleep for hours too long if I didn't force myself out of bed to my alarm. I know if it was largely due to the gluten I had last night because it tends to do that to me but in a way the extra sleep was welcome. I was pretty groggy for much of the morning even after my coffee until I had today small amount of activated charcoal which shocked me awake again though in a most unpleasant way but it was more like because of whatever it made angry today in my body made my immune system kick into high gear. The over stimulating effect wasn't as bad as yesterday but I've been because of that dose on the edge of a migraine all day and I hope it doesn't evolve into a full one. I have had no comfort all day and got nothing done that I thought I was going to get done because of today's reaction. Because mentally I just can't take anymore of this nonsense right now I'm stopping the activated charcoal and waiting until my ox bile comes in which I pray I won't have a horrible reaction to. It's helped a lot of people in similar positions so I have hope though. So most of the day I just been pacing around losing my mind in between some failing attempts to just sit around on the internet and enjoy something in peace. Later I got some take out Chinese food with a gift card I had which was the highlight of my day since while eating it for a short my body actually somewhat relaxed. So in my food mania I must have opened about a million tabs of forums and social networks only to close the vast majority of them because I couldn't cognitively get it together enough to even take in reading too much and responding. Tonight I have just enough energy to sit here putting all of my focus into typing this with some relaxing music on in the background in front of the remains of the Chinese food I inhaled in a desperate attempt at comfort that I am now kind of regretting even getting at all instead of saving my gift for a time I was actually able to get everything I wanted from there (opted for some plain veggie fried rice and mei fun instead of being more adventurous and getting my usual favorite cause I didn't wanna make my immune system any angrier than it already is right now) and enjoy it. There is so much I need to do right now and I'm stuck in this pathetic state of being waiting for a day of actual piece so I can at least resume my life. I don't expect full recovery, I want just enough to get out whatever I am in right now. The ox bile might come in Wednesday according to Amazon and I'll probably get to give it a go on Thursday. I'm fearing getting to sleep tonight as I need to be up early in the morning for an early shift at work and I'm praying this coming week will also be a forgiving work schedule with a good few days off in a row. I'm also just hoping I drift off instead of t ossing and turning all night in agony like the night before last night. Things are extremely intense right now, all these days off but little actual rest. I don't know what to call this but it isn't life.


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