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Dead Low

Yesterday I went from extremely high strung energetically to more stable but far lower energy than I'd like after just a partial amount of anthocyanin that I thought might help with inflammation and my guts but the result we're mixed. I was extremely tired within 10 minutes of taking it, seemed to have some bad immune reaction to judging how burny uppy my head felt later, and I was so tired I slept though 3 alarms. I woke up and felt dreadful fatigue wise but somehow as I was drinking my morning coffee I was able to enjoy things like music much better which has lasted through the day. The fatigue as the day went on let up a bit but is still hanging around. I didn't take any activated charcoal today but I might tonight after a couple hours pass since I had dinner. Tomorrow though I should get to give propolis a go since I looked it up cross referencing various places online for PFS/PSSD and other forums but can't find any negatives on it. I didn't have anymore activated charcoal during the day in the process of typing this took a small amount diluted heavily in lots of water and some more of the lethargy let up. I suspect what might have happened is the anthocyanin made something really angry in my gut and it released some toxic load in response because otherwise I can't find any other explanation as the small amount from the cap I had couldn't possibly and certainly not so quickly done much of anything. Another odd thing is anything that affects what is going on in my guts affects my tinnitus too. With small amounts of activated charcoal I have actually modulated it slightly and it's even toned down the volume before going back up to normal again. When I took the ox bile the other day which I didn't respond well to at all with a dry mouth, extreme lethargy, and a bit of digestive distress I also noticed it spiked my tinnitus real hard. The tinnitus was actually blaring in my ears until it toned itself back down again over a day later. Considering so much is going on in guts as the center of this all clearly I have some hope for propolis though like usual I'm not expecting a miracle. In the morning I have some blood tests for lyme/alpha-gal/and some other stuff I can't remember so I'm not excited about that disturbing my peaceful day off but hey it's not work and I even have saturday off to. Not exactly getting much money this week but I welcome the extra peace. All I need to do is focus on sitting around, healing, and getting the groceries which allows me to get out for a walk for a while if I choose to go out on foot which lately I have been slacking on as a family member has been helping me with rides and my physical state has been less than perfect for walking. If how I feel from tonight on continues to get better though I should be able to get out there again and back to a more active life. Trying not to rush things though, if I exert myself too much at the moment I could seriously set myself back. I have all Winter, Spring and Summer are far enough away to where as long as nothing else horrific goes down in my life I have a luxury of time here as I actively work on whatever It is I'm dealing with here.
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