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Today I woke up somewhat rested, sleep wise last night wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The morning and work was also better than I expected. My mood was better today and something was generally more connected in my brain though I can't really specifically describe what I mean by that. Was more social, music was better, emotions more vibrant, and the only thing I added was black charcoal over the past 4 days. Today I decided to give it another go against what I thought I should do from yesterday and to my surprise I didn't have a very bad reaction this time. It was much more mild and I actually felt this time a bit better so the effects have shifted for me with it. So I spent a lot of the day before dinner doing research and after dinner which I wasn't going to have tonight but I was too uncomfortable and had a lot of work to do on this so I made some anyways. Apparently in a nutshell it binds the strongest to bile acids, I might have a toxic bile acid feedback loop going on, and helping mop that up, the mycotoxin load in my bile is also probably very high, which when I ingested the activated charcoal it kicked up those toxins before things got better. I'm going to have it tomorrow too a couple hours after breakfast and see how that goes, if things continue to be fine then it's staying since at the very small amount I am taking it shouldn't be an issue and might just need to drink more water. I also decided to place an order for some bilberry extract supplement as I want to give anthcyanin a try in an attempt to shift my gut microbiome to glycine and primary bile salt dominance as my diet is higher in glycine.

I'm in a bit of strange place right now, not comfortable at all but overall feeling somewhat better. How cold everything is right now isn't helping at all and is really making everything going on right now much more painful and intense. Can't seem to enjoy much right now save for having some random music on in the background to fill the silence. I do also tend to get a lot more stressed out when I've been moving a million miles an hour over my keyboard literally all evening here but I'm happy i got a lot of research done and found something new to give a go out of it all.


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