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I Can't Person Today

Today I woke up already somewhat exhausted and it was the second day off the round of activated charcoal I gave myself and day 3 of propolis. It seems to be sitting well with my and consistently keeping inflammation low so until it tells me otherwise I'm keeping in my supplement stack. Pretty sure the reason why I was so groggy was that my guts were pretty exhausted the activated charcoal, so I made more dinner tonight even though I wasn't really that hungry to help keep moving things along at the expense of being a bit more groggy tomorrow. I had to go work today and though at home I was alright when I went out and started interacting with a lot of people it was clear my brain wasn't exactly up to par tody. Controlling my voice, keeping sentence stringed together well, and handling a lot of stimuli at once was proving to be really difficult. Though at a baseline due to the propolis lowering my neuroinflamation I was doing better when I was in control in passing. When I got home I ordered potassium citrate powder that someone said I should give a try.I might actually be deficient in it and at least getting a consistent amount in every morning might help. After all my guts don't absorb much from my food and I am probably lacking in things I even consume every day exclusively in it. I am not looking forward to working tomorrow or the day after but I will be just having breakfast for the next couple days and light fasting to give myself a bit of a reset. I hope the potassium helps me out a bit here and that over the next couple days anyways I have more energy. I'm going to have to keep myself at home to reserve more though because of work on both days but besides a smaller walk daily I probably even without work wasn't going to be doing much on them anyways. It's still the middle of Winter out there and things hurt out there. Going to the store on foot 45 minutes back and forth on a bad day is brutal. I also don't want to be out there too much as my system though less so than months ago is still fragile neurologically from PFS which I am still in an ongoing battle with though I am gaining ground getting my body and mind back bit by bit. I'm so bored often but I try to keep in mind that if I keep my head low for longer and take care of myself than by Summer I will be far better and thank myself for the kindness and time I gave myself.


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