The Introductory course – Part 1

In January 2016 I will start the self-management course run by and I would like to Blog about my experiences of the course, and how useful I find it in managing CFS/ME.

The introductory course is 7 weeks long and will link me with a group of others similarly affected by the illness. The course will cost me 45 dollars ( I am in the UK ), and includes a course book by Bruce Campbell.

The site describes the course as:

‘Offered quarterly and conducted via email list server, the class is a structured discussion group. It is led by trained volunteer moderators, all of whom have CFS and/or FM. Class offers the opportunity to meet and share support with others who have CFS and FM.’
CFS started for me in 2003, and I was seriously affected for about 8 years. I am convinced that although I ‘recovered’ to a large extent, I could not really ever have described my health and stamina as normal and I always had problems with exercise,and struggled to work full time, without bringing all the Jenga bricks crashing about my ears.

I am now 47, and I am currently functioning at 30% of ‘normal’. Life is fairly limited, but I am determined to be the healthiest, and strongest I can be, with or without CFS. I hope this course will give me the tools I currently lack to better manage this illness.

I look forward to reporting back, in a few weeks, on how it is going.
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