The bleed and the pain

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I wake up with a mouth full of blood. I try ice cubes and a a vasodilator, still no stop.

So now I do the math, 5 minute response time, 3 minutes to load and go, 7 minute drive to the ER. So no 911.

We can drive to the ER in 7 minutes. My wife loads our 3 year old and we race. My wife, being smarter then me, calls my surgeon. He says he just got out of the shower and will meet us at the hospital. At this point I'm filling a giant hospital cup with bright, well perfused, blood and giant blood clots.

I walk into the ER and the triage wench asks what my chief complaint is and write it down. Luckily my wife walks in and handles the wench. I'm now chocking on the blood. They triage nurse takes me back, and tells me I need to calm down. I tell her this half full cup is all blood. She goes, probably not. The ER dr kid walks in and try's ice cube and a vasoconstrictor. Still no joy.

He says, we have a problem. I'm going to call your surgeon. He leaves. So now, like a bright light from heaven my ENT walks in without the ER dr. He walks in , puts on his fibrotic head lamp and boom. He says, we are going immediately to surgery. The ER dr comes in and says why. The ENT says "because he is fucking dieing . Go be a good dr and get me a surgery suite."

We got up to the suite and they wheel the current pt out and my anesthesiologist makes me drink stuff that taste like battery acid. Luckily he was the same guy that had just done my tonsils, and had just got out of a surgery.

By this point they have to leave the suction in my mouth to keep my airway clear. At this point if can't remember the next day or two. I remember being in a hospital bed and Mike Vick was playing against the Redskins. I had just picked him up because my fantasy football needed a qb. I started him and he threw like 5 tds and 600 yards.

My wife tells during my waking up phase from surgery I am screaming in pain. That my pain is all over. They increase my dosing of opiods and I'm still moaning in pain. By the checkout time they have me walking around and I keep saying my back and legs hurt. They tell her it's because of the anesthesia. I will get better.

That day during the surgery was the last painfree time for the rest of my life.


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