Katrina the start

My first blog talks about how I got to today being sick. My sister who is a professor who teaches biology and river stuff, hahah, thinks I was exposed to something during Katrina. A lot of people have asked me to write this story. It is related to my CFS but it may be off topic. I will try and keep politics out of it, but their are some issues I feel are important.

I started my career as a front line employee at a large MSO (cable/satellite company). I was promoted 5 times in 6 years and ended up as a marketing guy in a installation division at the corporate hq. We would make plans to drive installers to sell product and do exciting promotions.

I managed some live TV events and video shoots but mostly I creating buisness plans and sizzle. I became close to my vp, who is a mentor even now. We had manage some of the response to natural disasters such as hurricanes. So when Katrina was 3 days from landfall we knew we would need to form a team to organize our activitys.

The top prioritys were fuel for the vans, hotel rooms for the employees, food, and warehouse space. We can't do too much before landfall so we set up a room with cnn and waited. My vp told us to start calling shelters to see if they want TV service.

The great part about my service is if you have power, I can get you TV. We get a few requests for service but most are from Alabama with none from LA.

We contact the Red Cross who accepts our offer and we set up their command posts. Catholic charities and a few other churches get set up.

Next post is landfall.


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