If you have read my other blogs you know I'm a pro when it comes to surgery. This one will be different.

I have damage to my stomach. The actual organ.

The goal of my sugery will be to cut out a section and sew it back together. They think I may have some damage to my intestines as well.

The surgery will be similar to a gastric bypass without the shrinking of the opening to the stomach.

In preperation for sugery I have seen a psychologist, nuerologist, immunologist, pcp, nutritionist, gastologist, etc.

I took a class on what will happen after the surgery. I won't be able to eat steak and fatty pork for 2 years. No caffeine for several months, and no solid food for a few months.

I will be in the hospital for a week or so starting monday.

The plan is to live blog this as it happens. Let me know if you have any questions!
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Hey Dude, You're truly a pro at surgeries. Best wishes for your op, hospitalization, recovery. Looking forward to your follow-up.
Man that sounds painful. What has caused the damage to your stomach?
Drug induced, pathogenic or auto-imunity?

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