Tell us a story, Mr. Morrison

It tis the new year, so happy New year to y'all.

Heres how i'm feeling today... captured quite well by Morrison's introduction..

"hi, how ya doing man?
looking good...
everything is f'ed up as usual"

hmmm, shall i discuss next how when you have been 99.7% bedridden for over 4 years, maybe 5, whos counting and your health insurance denies every attempt at home health care...its not even the insurance its so much more complicated than that at this point. Maybe i should do a tutorial on when options run low and newspaper articles are put out and no healthcare establishments come forward to assist your case (as you secretly hoped), you meet people whom have read your story and a former hospice care nurse becomes your friend and your best hope at help these days. Sounds fantastic. Wish it was fiction, its not. And yes shes an angel and yes i'm incredibly lucky. I'm just quite flipping tired of it all today.

I do not have many pleasant things to say today and if you frequent here, you know i'm not shy about stating my feelings and emotions through this neverending story of a journey..

anyways, blah.

'Well, I woke up this mornin'
And I got myself a beer
Well, I woke up this mornin'
And I got myself a beer
The future's uncertain
And the end is always near'


HI Sunshine.....It's OK to have a bad day or a few. It happens to all of us for sure.

In writing that is so light you can hardly read it is the quote from Camus. Take it heart and remember that summer will come again....may not for a month, but it's there. Feel better and I do hope you'll get some help.

Also, how did your Xmas visit with your family go? Right now I think most of us are just plain exhausted. So you're in good company. Yours, Lenora
There needs to be a revolution in the medical services industry...............a complete make-over. Far too many people falling through the cracks and unable to get help at home for this, that or the other reason.

A friend of mine who was dying from cancer was one of those who fell through the cracks of getting any help at home. I went to human services to see if there was any help she could qualify for. They said there was nothing they could do. I was flabbergasted and said there must be some kind of help out there for people like my friend. AS I was leaving the office a lady came out of a side door and handed me a piece of paper with a number on it. She was hush hush about it....................don't exactly know why? Maybe human services isn't allowed to give out that number? Who knows. It was a number for adult protective services. I called that number and explained my friend's situation and that she didn't have any help at home. They were at her place the next day and set up for someone to come in and help her.

I do hope and pray that you can get some kind of help at home.:heart:

I've had a case of the blahs too lately. "Some days are diamonds............some days are stones. Sometimes the hard times won't leave me alone."

Sending hugs
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HI @Tammy.....I think Howard's experiencing the same problems as you and Sunshine, too, for all I know.

That's a pity about your friend, but I know b/c of deaths in my family that yes, help can be obtained but it often has to be the affected patient who starts the process. True, this help often isn't the best in the world, but at least someone is coming in. Cleaning personnel are the worst for some reason.

Also this very timely reminder: This has happened on 3 different occasions to me, and I don't think it's any accident. True, we're going back a few years now, but.....! My brother was taking my mother's medication at one point (he was an addict).

On two separate occasions, many miles apart, the nurses putting out the patient's meds were actually stealing them. This was a huge problem. My sister noticed that her meds were disappearing and notified a supervisor. Since this was the second offense, the nurse lost her license.

Same story for the last one. So please guard those meds....Yours, Lenora

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