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Release into the new

Well…. My body is STRONGLY feeling the pull of this eclipse. No surprise. I first went down around 2017 eclipse and knew the 2024 one would affect me as well. These things are like full moons on steroids for some of us. 🙈😵‍💫

Anywaayysss with the eclipse on my mind and distracting from immense flare up, I felt like sharing my piece.

Eclipses are portals where humanity’s hive mind collectively chooses different timelines. The ancients knew this. It’s why entire megaliths were built in accordance with these moments. Yet, it’s mostly been suppressed from modern mankind. Not lost, suppressed. Huge difference.

Eclipses are nothing new to humanity. There have been many, there will be many more but suffice it to say, this is a particularly potent one. One in which humanity has the opportunity, to see deeper layers if just how interconnected we all are on this ‘cell’ named Gaia. Slight break in our routine activities. 😅

Some may know this, some may not. This post is for those that are confused by the fear narratives being presented over the eclipse. Your inner light is so much more powerful than society has ever let on 💎✨☀️ I invite anyone that feels inclined to do activities if the light tomorrow and stay away from the fear static in our peripheral right now. It assists humanity. Think of it s but like the Maharishi effect, yes or many other analogies.

“Waiting in the car
Waiting for the ride in the dark
At night the city grows
Look at the horizon glow
Waiting in the car
Waiting for the ride in the dark
Following the neon signs
Waiting for a word
Looking at the milky skyline
The city is my church
It wraps me in its blinding twilight”



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