Sign the Petition! Tell CDC to Change their ME/CFS Research - See Change Link within

Well written, concise and targetted letter/petition - please sign. Hit link below.

191 sigs at 11am est - 25 Jan - Goal is now 500. We can hit this goal within another two days or so.

The petiton was such a hit with those that read it that the goal was moved from 200 to 500 signatures since it took about a day or so to get to 190.

Please sign the petition so that it has the massive impact it should have. If you read the letter, everything in that petition is what we ME/CFS sick have been screaming for from the CDC for decades.

Sign the petition, forward the link to friends and family, put it on your FB page, and push it so that the CDC is most aware of what the TAXPAYING ME/CFS PATIENTS expect from them. They need to know that there are many of us ME/CFS people out there watching their every move and reporting back to the rest of the sick what the CDC is doing or not doing for us.

Ensure the CDC knows we are a massive powerful force to be dealt with and it is time to do as we invested sick want done -- way past time. Sign and forward the petition please! Thanks!

Great job on the letter/petition - as usual. :thumbsup:


377 now

I haven't seen mention of this anywhere else, though, so I am not sure how many people know about it......I'm going to put it on my facebook page now- anyone else who can spread the word, please do so

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